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Shou Tucker - Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood Shou Tucker is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.

Well, Anime America explained it well and I'm certain everyone who's commented on this explained their points great. This man is absolutely selfish and cruel. He will abuse and use his child for his own silly research and he basically done the same to his wife! And his form... I ran out a room screaming! Over all not only was he an awful parent but an awful person. He is selfish and will use anything and anyone to get his own way even if it involves his family.

It was pretty obvious who number one would be. And I haven't even watched Fullmetal Alchemist yet.

Who would turn their own child into a beast by fusing them with a dog? only shou tucker, he is the only one to do such a terrible thing. how could he?

Using/abusing your own kid in such a way. Totally heartless. I despise this monster.

Medusa Gorgon - Soul Eater

Shou Tucker female version.. for real though, she used her own child as an experiment, if that ain't enough created him just to become a weapon she could turn to whenever she couldn't do things on her own. Made him betray his friends and loved ones who actually cared for him just to satisfy her. She cared so little for him that in fact, I am pretty sure.. she would commit any crime on him just to save herself. Whenever he did something that didn't satisfy her expectations she locked him up in "his" own room for days until he was ready, to once again fulfill her requirements. Crona deserved(and needed) a better parent enough said!

Sho Tucker on steroids

ugly witch

She's like an uber Shou Tucker. No remorse. Bitch even gloats about it.

Gendo Ikari - Neon Genesis Evangelion Gendo Ikari is a fictional character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. He is the commander of NERV.

he sucks

He abandons his son only to summon him 11 years later and tells him to get in a giant robot. 11 years with no word, no love, no nothing. Oh, and he also violated his wife's dream just to be with her. LOVE YA TOO DAD!
(I know I took that last quote from Anime America, but I couldn't come up with anything else, so deal with it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).)

Sasuke Uchiha - Naruto Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

The first thing he did when he saw his daughter after many years was attempting to kill her, LOL He didn't even recognise his own child. But he had reasons to do so though, since he's been away from home for quite a long time, furthermore he had to leave like that in order to protect his family and the village. He always tried his best to find time to be with his family, so overall I think he's a good father to Sarada.

Left his wife pregnant all alone XP then when he sees her pulls a sword on her, never shows any love towards her mother, making her hate him, and then he leaves again perfect father, seeing his daughter after 12 years, and instead of spending time with his family he spends more time with naruto and his son XP

But he too much better then Naruto that's my opninon,poor Sasuke Uchiha is a Evil,Demon and Satan in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and other side Naruto Uzumaki is too good,great hero and great father too then Sasuke,Why Scumbag Kishimoto did with this great character Sasuke,I know Sasuke is too innocent in childhood age then Evil and Satan Naruto and love too much with elder brother Itachi Uchiha!
My means is Sasuke Uchiha is Chinese not Japanese character in Satanic Naruto anime he is by name Japanese just in anime not real and Naruto Uzumaki is orinally chutiya American or Jew? He is not a anyway of japanese by name just disgusting! This Satanic,Illuminati 666,Demon,Evil and Devil anime Naruto is just a mind programming,mind controlling and child and elder's brain washing drama not a real please! Leave Naruto! It's too good for you guys and thanks by Rida Waheed JAFFAR Mughal!

I see a random girl let's kill her-- oh wait, she's my daughter...

Charles Zi Britannia - Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

I am ashamed to have been born on the same day he was. But then again, me and Obama were both born on the same day this horrible father was.

Hayate's Parents - Hayate the Combat Butler

Makes there soon have to work part time to support the family only to take his money then gives him 1.3 million dollars of debt and a present.

The worst type of parents what type of parents make their son do all the work cause they are so lazy to do work and take all of his money and give them debt of 156,804,000 yen for a christmas present

Jiemma - Fairy Tail

While he is by far the best Fairy Tail character, he is still a pretty bad parent. At least he tried to make his daughter stronger thanks to his horrible parenting.

Jiemma always abuses his daughter and guild members, and you still think that he's the best Fairy Tail character?

Terrible father. He treated his own daughter and guild members like garbage. So glad Sting and Rogue finally kicked his ass.

Even though he is a terrible parent, he is not as bad as Shou Tucker from Full metal Alchemist

Vinsmoke Judge - One Piece

One of the worst father I ever seen. Let's see… He experimented on his unborn kids in order to make them lose their emotions wanting them to become unfeeling killing machines despite his wife's wishes. He called his son a failure for being born human and rejected him for being weak. He let the other children bully him relentlessly. He faked his son's death, put him in prison in an iron mask to forget his existence. When his son escaped the cell he asked him to never reveal he was his father because he was too ashamed of him and told him he hoped he would die out there. Then when that same son finally made a name for himself later in life, he went after him in order to use him like a pawn, blackmailing him with his adoptive father's life. Worst. Father. Ever.

He is the worst

Urgh... How did this guyhad a son like Sanji is beyond me.

Ragyo - Kill la Kill

Ragyo is a real monster. She experimented on her newborn daughter (major spoiler: main protagonist Ryuko) with Life Fibers, subjected her first daughter Satsuki to... questionable treatment (I'm not saying what it was because everyone already knows), ordered her surrogate third daughter Nui to kill herself and merge with the Primordial Life Fiber and planned to turn the entire planet into a food source for Life Fibers. Satsuki said it best: "You gave your humanity to Life Fibers." This woman is... okay, maybe not the worst anime parent of all time, but she's definitely worse than Gendo.

This woman gave birth to countless children not to care for them but to use them as weapons. Almost all of them died because of her experiments.

I'm glad they censored that scene on Toonami where Ragyo molested Satsuki in the bath spring. That was so unbearable to watch in the uncensored version.

She actively molests her own children... that alone makes her a top contender

Satan - Blue Exorcist

He's the Devil. What did you expect?

Well he is Satan...

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Todoroki Enji - Boku no Hero Academia

MANGA SPOILERS SPOILERS!Can we all say this man needs mental help not his wife. How could you try to take advantage of precious Shoto. When he tried acting better and actually have a conversation with Shoto it felt so wrong. I loved it when Shoto smack his Endevor's hand back. Also some manga spoilers, RUN IF YOU DON"T WANT SPOILERS, Natsou also can't stand him. He didn't know that Shoto's favorite thing was cold soba because of his evil father isolating Shoto. His sister (Fuyumi) on the other hand tried being nice and forgiving like burh are you serious.

I'm SO glad someone was smart enough to add Endeavor to this list. Not only is he far from what a hero should be by only seeking pride and glory and not to help society, but the things he's done to his own family are nothing short of atrocious. Manipulating his own offspring including Shouto just to raise them as his successor to surpass All Might to mentally breaking his own wife that he saw nothing more than as a tool, Endeavor is more of a villain than a hero, if not, an abusive parent to any extent.

He abused his own child, and drove his wife insane. That sounds like a pretty bad parent to me

I mean he did change but still trash

Momiji's Mother - Fruits Basket

How do you refuse to hold your own child? She sickens me.


Delia Ketchum - Pokemon

I'm sorry, but who the actual hell allows their child to run around a world full of potentially dangerous Pokemon? I mean, shouldn't you be worried? Out there looking for him? Calling him every once in a while? I bet she doesn't even know that Ash nearly got turned into stone, got electrocuted hundreds of times, gets whipped with Vine Whip, and meeting legendary Pokemon.

People slag off a toddlers show about a 6 year old who travels with a monkey. But Pokemon is about a child yes older he is 10 but is still a child.

What...what has Delia done to deserve this? Where the heck is Kaiba's dad? He should be here!

She is garbage!

Sakura Haruno - Naruto Sakura Haruno is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

She broke a house just be mad at her daughter's saying and terrified her to cry.

She is better then sasuke

Ren Sohma - Fruits Basket

She is so jealous of her own child that she forces her to pretend to be a boy and repeatedly psychologicaly mistreats her for years which drives Akito crazy. Akito then repeats the cycle of abuse with others in her clan. This lady should have been locked up when she threatened to kill her kid if she didn't act like a boy. The leader, her husband, should've been all "Sure anything you say honey" to Ren's face then once she gave birth locked this psycho up. I don't care how much you love someone when they threaten your kid that's when the gloves come off.

Kyo's Father - Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket, the show of parents who can't accept the fact that their children can transform into zodiac animals. I don't think I need to demonstrate any further...

At first I thought of Saisyu because, he is Kyo Kusanagi's father

Rasa - Naruto

I'm aware that he later apologized when he was reanimated, but he caused Gaara so much pain. Tried to assassinate him multiple times. Lied to him. Ruined his childhood.

Endever but 1000000% worst

Irene Belserion - Fairy Tail

After being tortured by her husband for three years straight, she surpressed her pregnancy and tried her best to protect Erza from harm. On the day of her execution, she turns into a dragon and escapes. She later meets Zeref who gives her back her human form, however, she lacks the qualities of being a human (lack of tasting food and lack of sleep). She drives herself into insanity, and wishes to be reborn as a human, so she tries to enchant herself into Erza to become human again. Her enchantment fails, and shortly after giving birth to Erza, Irene abandons her in a village, where she is later captured and turned into a child slave at the Tower of Heaven.

Irene was already insane, and she was fully aware of that. I get that she was trying to "protect Erza", but dumping her in the middle of a town and killing herself was not the smartest choice. Hell, she didn't even bother dropping her off to someone who could take care of her. Erza had to learn to take care of herself at such a young age, not to mention her crappy past building up to the way she is now. She was able to change by joining Fairy Tail, and the guild took better care of Erza than Irene ever did.

I think Irene is a brilliant mother. She endured all those sufferings in centuries trying to protect her child. Anyone gone through a past like hers would go insane. SPOILER: She killed herself to protect her daughter as well.

She also calls Erza trash, broke almost all of her bones with a single blow, tried to stab her with her own sword, and tried to drop a meteor on her.

Nagisa Shiota's Mother - Assassination Classroom

Oh, I’m sorry! You didn't have a girl like you wanted so I guess your just going to have to force your son to grow out his hair and wear things he doesn't want to. I hate her so much. Nagisa shouldn't have had to save her. I would’ve been fine if she died. Not only did she want TO BURN THE SCHOOL DOWN because Korosensei wanted Nagisa to stay in 3-E, she ABUSED him and YELLED at him in front of Korosensei. I feel bad for Nagisa. He deserves a better mother

Akemi Hinazuki - Erased

The most worst mother I've ever seen in episodes, like really!? Beating her own daugether and washes her face water but cold thinks that make help? Pfft... yeah hell right! I thought that Nagisa's mom from AS was more worst like she always want to her poor son to be a girl wich it made me really mad. But when I saw that Kayo was had a horrible childhood I kinda feld sorry fo her not only that she was abused by that bitch-ass mom but also bullied with that stupid girl who she had very annoying smirks! All I do blame Mrs. Hinazuki cause she was a dump stupid bitch for her very violance that she caused her child in the pain yet she always barking Satoru back wich was really annoying and I am so happy that Kayo will never see this scheme ever again so thanks not only Satoru but also his mother Mrs. Fujinima.

Asuka's Mother - Neon Genesis Evangelion

She caused such a young child so much trauma.

IRYO on her since she's better than Asuka.

Mr. Ishtar - Yu Gi Oh

He is a terrible father. Who locks their children away and keeps them away from the outside world...only a insane and terrible parent would

Hmmm a father who locks his children away from the outside world because it’s “for their own good.” Mr. Ishtar reminds me of Judge Claude Frollo.

Kaguya Otsutsuki - Naruto Kaguya Otsutsuki is a fictional character from the manga and anime franchise Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto.

She tried to kill her sons when they were only INFANTS by absorbing their chakra (life force). Very cruel of her!

Mayu's Stepfather - Elfen Lied

PEDOPHILE! Also her mother was terrible too! What does she do when Mayu finally plucks up the courage to tell her that she's being molested? SHE SLAPS HER, DOESN'T DEFEND HER AND STAYS MARRIED TO THE CREEP! A clear case of somebody caring more about their status of being married and in a relationship, then their own child!

he liek grint she liek t0 ook ta Miyu

Gyokuen Ren - Magi

She should at least get a higher spot since she didn't care about killing all of her kids if she could, she already killed 2 of them, her husband and poisoned her second husband so she could be the next emporer of the Kou Empire, not to mention she wants to end the world...

She killed her two sons,husband,and tried to put the whole world in danger. Not to mention she threatened to kill Hakuie. And burned down a empire with her family in it. And still has one son and treats him like a real mother even though he knows everything that she has done.

She deserves a spot on here definitely. Just to be aware she was possessed by Arba after giving birth to Hakuyu and Hakuren; so even if she is possessed she birthed Hakuei and Hakuryuu.

So; she is the wife of the first emporer and second emporer of the Kou Ren Empire, birthed four children (three sons and one daughter) despite having four children Hakuryuu is the most affected by her. At the age of six he was caught in a massive fire with his two older brothers Hakuyu and Hakuren that was set up by enemies revolting against his father (the first emporer) unfortunately his father and two older brothers died, but not before Hakuyu revealed it was their own mother that caused all this to happen.

Hakuryuu survived but had to live with the fact that his mother tried to kill him. Any happy moments or any kindness she showed towards Hakuryuu was more or less faked, since she helped end Alama Torran when Arba was still alive and didn't have to posses a person; she wouldn't care ...more

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