Top Ten Worst Aspects of Halo 4 Multiplayer

As you know, Halo 4 was a disappointment to the Halo franchise to say the least. I think everyone can agree that Halo 4 is better than Call of Duty. However, there are too many negatives that stand in the way. 343 Industries said that they would deliver a true Halo experience that would be deserving of its place in the Halo universe. Well, I guess that's no lie because it is deserving of its place in the Halo universe and a massive 62% peak population decline as a result.

Disclaimer: Halo 4 was my first Halo game. Halo 4 is NOT a bad game, it is simply a bad Halo game.


- No Vulgarity - It should already be a given.

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- No Fighting - It is like competing in the Special Olympics, you might win, but you are still disabled. (I apologize for that. )

- No Insulting - It proves that you can't satisfy yourself by insulting anyone in real life, which is still wrong.

Without further to do, here is the Top Ten Worst Aspects Of Halo 4 Multiplayer...

The Top Ten

1 Unbalanced Gameplay

At least with Call of Duty, class building works. With halo, having custom loadouts ruins the diversity and competitive aspect by essentially negating the need for map control.

2 Competition Deficiency
3 Ordnance Drops
4 Ranking Systems
5 Weapon Balancing
6 Weapon Distribution
7 Teamwork Shortage
8 Irregular Playlisting
9 Loadout System
10 Bad Maps
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