Call of Duty: Black Ops III


This game is awful. Full of DLC guns you'll never get, unbalanced weapons, nothing warlike, horrible connections, and people still support it? What a joke, this game is basically a pile of crap colored with crayon with a sticker that says "Call Of Duty".

It's a damn shame Treyarch didn't go back to making historical Call of Duty games. Such as that World at War prequel set in the first World War that everyone's been demanding.
Even the maps in multiplayer set in WWII show how great of a game it could've been if this game was set in a past period.

However I haven't played the campaign yet and I hope it's decent, but still, Treyarch could've done a lot better by going into the past. Otherwise, the multiplayer so far hasn't bothered me much. It would've been a lot better though if the teams you're fighting for were more unique. It's like the Black Ops vs CDP might as well be blue vs red since there's really nothing particularly unique about them.

No good it's so bad! It deserves to the worst Call of Duty ever. I agreed that call of duty black ops 2 was my favourite at the moment. But this Call of Duty is no where near the best Call of Duty, I would rather by sonic!

Worst black ops ever. Oh wait worst Call of Duty ever. Story sucks, characters sucks. "Frozen forest" really.

Call of Duty ghosts is much much much better than this .

wasted my 60$.

It's basically Advanced Warfare with wall running. But guess what.. Advanced Warfare was horrible! So this means Black Ops 3 is probably horrible too! I'd give a 7.7/10 rating.

Horrible game. I hate the movement system and the specialists in the game. Ghosts was better than this game.

I feel this is by far the worst Call of Duty to date for multiplayer. Reasons are as follows:

1. Spawn system is dumb frequently spawning enemies behind you or spawning you on top of grenades, c4, and even directly into gunfire.

2. Joining a party has never been more difficult. I have great internet and connected with cat 7 yet still I always struggle to get in a party with friends. There's always error messages and cannot join messages. It's not just me either, all my PSN friends experience the same issue and I also frequently see it on the many livestreams I've watched.

3. The cancer that was quick scoping is finally gone but a new cancer has become dominant known as the headglitch. It's not a new issue in itself but black ops 3 makes it more easy and popular then ever for people to exploit. It's also completely legal and you'll never get banned for it so that just encourages the use of a glitch to get an unfair advantage on your opponent.

4. Team ...more

This game is very overrated. I bought it for multiplayer, but played the campaign to get used to it. I beat the campaign in five and a half hours. Plot was very similar to that of Call of Duty Ghosts, MW3, and Call of Duty 2. Multiplayer seemed strange and futuristic, even more futuristic than Advanced Warfare. I did not like this game very much at all.

Instead of going back to fix Ghosts (which was horrible, so they should fix it. And also that ending), they decided to revive Black Ops again and...well not a good result came out. - AsianBlood

Campaign so boring I stoped playing after one hour and the multiplayer is like boring Halo rip off. Worst Call of Duty I have ever played and I played them all. Generic crap.

All you guys do is complain "The snipers suck" or "I'm sick of the future" and "the maps " As soon as they come back to the present all you guys will do is complain

Advanced Warfare brings this game to shame. Unplayable is what it is. This game doesn't even feel like a realistic FPS game, and it's not even because it's futuristic. There isn't even any more shooting in the game. You'll probably join a deathmatch game to see psycho ninjas coming at you with katanas, cutting you down while you try to gun them down with a submachine gun to no avail.

And dear god, I don't even want to go into the campaign. - troll999999999

This game is absolute garbage. Trash. Everything that mean bad.

I don't get people. When Advanced Warfare got out, people hated it so much because of the annoying exo-movement crap and for the bad guns.

When BOIII got out, everyone loved it. In BoIII you have even worse movement and overall jumping, stupid guns and weapons (boxing gloves, crowbar, a baseball bat?)

Why people hate AW so much more that this piece of crap? Worst game ever.

Bo3 is the best because when you have thrust jump you have an advantage over the one person that you are trying to kill.

This is not Black Ops, this is "Futuristic Ops". What a disappointment.

This game is most worst game I have played lag is serious

This game is a lag fest ball of monkey spunk. I've played every Call of Duty, and this one is easily the worst.

Call of Duty is supposed to about being a soldier, not a futuristic cyborg. - spiderskull98

The campaign to tech ending not very excited but multiplayer and zombies are the best

I love the zombies map and the multiple map to it is so fun to play with your friends...

Seems like it is going to be amazing, but that what people thought about Ghosts, and Advanced Warfare.

If we are talking multiplayer then no this shouldn't be on the list, but the stupid multiplayer... it Sucked. We go from saving Egypt from these random bad guys to stopping a DNI disease in an alternate dimension. HOW THE HELL DOES TREYARCH DO THAT. Not to mention it was completely strange. This campaign was by far the worst Call of duty has ever seen

Wanted it to relate more to the campaign, what ARE THE MULTIPLAYER MAPS

Worst game ever I hate that there's freeruning in it I thought that it was hard to kill guys in aw but this is the absolute worst Call of Duty ever

Black ops three shouldn't be hated you are machines it's so awesome