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1 Pink

Pink. Color of your injured, open flesh. Color of neon signs that tell you something is in your way. Color of blood in water, and a few poisonous plants and animals. The only pleasant pink thing I can imagine is meat and its tasty sustenance, but even that serves to remind you of your own fleshy mortality.
Pink is without a doubt the worst color.

Pink is just another word for "Look I'm a little princess rescue me and lets ride off in the sunset" and besides my little brother likes pink do you see the picture now.

I HATE this color. I know a LOT of boys who actually like this color! They like it more than the girls who like this color! That proves it's not girly.

Get this, I hate it so much it makes my head hurt. I'm a gal and I say pink shouldn't even be a color. It doesn't deserve to be a color. And color DOES NOT HAVE A you IN IT SO QUIT SPELLING IT THAT WAY!

Pink only looks good on you if you are Miu Iruma (danganronpa v3), if not, it is hideous and disgusting and I will deck you if you wear it.

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2 Yellow

The Sun is the only good yellow thing. Other yellow things include rancid milk, mucus, urine, etc. It's definitely the worst colour ever. - PositronWildhawk

Well the color yellow is not a good color I don't even think it should be a color it is the I do not like the color yellow it's just they think it's so sp color yellow mean just because yellow is the color of the sun that's like the only thing as one of the people said it's literally the only a good thing that is what I have to say about yellow if you like yellow good luck with your life because it's not going to change haha

I like all colors so if I had to pick I would pick yellow

Yellow is straight up trash. just not a fan it makes me cringe.

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3 Pee Yellow

Smelly. Want to throw up

This is literally the same color as the 2nd color

Really, pee yellow? Kinda inappropriate but whatever no one cares

It's a pee color

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4 Gray

It's so depressing and bland... I personally don't think gray is even really a colour. It's some wanna-be hybrid between a lack of colour and a mix of all colours.

Grey is the colour of stormy skies and I love stormy weather so I like grey. But sometimes grey does look sorta boing but if it's stormy sky grey it's amazing. - Lunala

Doesn't sound so cheerful, to depressing, and plain. Who would like this colour? Blue, green, pink, white, black, yellow, purple, red. And all those other colours are better than this! Especially green! - Angelberryique

Reminds me of storm clouds before rain

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5 Puke Green

Adding green here is wrong so I'm guessing this green is what they all mean.

A colour with the word "puke" is terrible by itself

I'm gonna throw up now

I like green but puke green.. Ew nope - Lunala

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6 Mustard Yellow

I could puke

7 Orange

I love orange colour of tigers

It's a good colour if it's put with the right colours.

Who Dares Put Orange At Number 8, Why is it even on this list

It’s horrible I just hate it it’s the most terrible color besides green and purple that’s my opinion by the way

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8 Brown

Horrible but still it's the color if chocolate! There are wonderful things that are brown. HA!

This is red, not brown. Plus, brown's not a bad colour. Don't be immature and call it "Poo colour! "

Some shades of brown are beautiful like chocolate brown and brown eyes. But then there's poop. - Lunala

Hey don't say that, brown is the color of all my friends!

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9 Olive Green

I hate this colour and I love YELLOW! that is so mean - hermione_granger

Olive green is the colour of vomit pee and poop combined. - Lunala

I would like to see Oliver Green's face when he sees this ;P - Fenjaa19


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10 Green

Get over it it's the color of nature - kylebuschfan18

Reminds me of that hideous uniform I had to wear for 5 of the longest years of my life and why is pink number one that's the best colour ever

It's the best colour it's the colour of beast boy

If you get the right shade it's nice. - Lunala

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11 Puce

the color for everything gross ever. And I Love Orange! - I<3Queen

Puce sounds like puke. I hate this

Please don't get me started on this.

What even is a pupe is it a bed bug? lice? Google said it's a bug not a color it just said it's not green and green is the color of boogers and I mean ok I pick my nose sometimes because I have boogers sometimes but that's nasty

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12 Mahogany

It looks and sounds nasty - Celestius

I actually would hate this in a dressD:

I agree with cleletius.

13 Purple

Honestly purple is a nasty colour and it makes me feel sick, especially dark purple. Maybe it's because I associate it with coaches we'd go on for school trips which stank of sick and oil pastels but I don't get why it's a popular colour

Why is purple so popular? It's so depressing and dark. Except for light purple which looks like poison. Purple is also the worst color of liquid and flesh. If you have a purple tongue or purple lips, you are sick.

Purple is more pretty than yellow and pink.

Purple is amazing it's my fab color

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14 Hot Pink

Hot pink is stupid

I think hot pink is really nice looking

Hot pink sucks

15 Gold

Why is gold here to me gold is the color of accomplishment - bert631

Gold just looks cheap and goes with colours like pink and that beige nobody likes.

I like gold it's pretty. - funnyuser

Gold is nice - Lunala

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16 Tan

Tan is the color of whites and that's racist

Tan is such a bad colour it reminders me if vomit yuck!


Tan; trash.

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17 Black

Oh, no who added this? I would say this is one of the best because it doesn't make your eyes burn, like a bright, neon, yellow. You can relax more. And if you mix every color, you get this. And this color can color over anything, making it black. So there.

This shouldn't be on the list. When you think about it, black is a GOOD colour. It goes with everything, it's cool, I mean, pink is what burns your eyes. Not black.

M favourite colour (technically it's not a colour but who cares). I like it. It is calming, silent and doesn't hurt my eyes. I like silence and bright things hurt my eyes. I sound like a goth but it's true. (And I'm not a goth I just love the colour) - Lunala

Ew looks like ninjas

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18 Red

Anyone who doesn't like red is ridiculous

Red is the color of blood, pain, injury, hacking, hackers, cheaters and all that is bad. - GriffinDoge

Light and neon red are awful but I love darker reds. - Lunala


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19 Light Gray



20 White

I think you're getting a bit religious. It's just a color, man. Chill out.

AWESOME COLOR EVER this color make me relax

White is a good color and it's an angel wings color and the angel it's from heaven and the heaven is the castle of god so I disagree that this is an worst color
who write this

I like it - Lunala

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