Top 10 Worst Colours

The Top Ten Worst Colours

1 Pink

Everyone, at least almost everyone hates pink. Pink is the most disliked color. Right?

There are many things wrong with this colour. Let me list them down
1. It's too bright
2. It's really boring
3. it's the colour of blood when it's in water
4. Disney princesses wear it
5. it goes bad on everything
6. Girls think blue is too "manly" because of this colour
7. It's everywhere
8. it's the only colour people are blinded by
9. It's way too simple
10. It's cheesier then Disney princesses themselves
I would rather look at Green and that's an actual good colour. Send hate replies all you want but that's just my opinion.

Before you call this color "girly" or "girlish", you should know that the color pink used to be considered as a "masculine" color, slightly masculine compared to the color red. - Misfire

no almost everyone likes pink deal with it it’s smart not stupid take pink off of all of these lists immediately you are so mean

2 Pee Yellow

The reason people hate Pee Yellow is because it reminds them of pee.It's really that simple.

Smelly. Want to throw up

This is literally the same color as the 2nd color

Pee Yellow is Worst than Yellow So how come Yellow is higher than this disgusting Colour?

3 Yellow

I love the color yellow, but not the neon one, as it is too bright for me to look at. - Misfire

The Sun is the only good yellow thing. Other yellow things include rancid milk, mucus, urine, etc. It's definitely the worst colour ever. - PositronWildhawk

Well the color yellow is not a good color I don't even think it should be a color it is the I do not like the color yellow it's just they think it's so sp color yellow mean just because yellow is the color of the sun that's like the only thing as one of the people said it's literally the only a good thing that is what I have to say about yellow if you like yellow good luck with your life because it's not going to change haha

I like all colors so if I had to pick I would pick yellow

4 Gray

Grey is the colour of stormy skies and I love stormy weather so I like grey. But sometimes grey does look sorta boing but if it's stormy sky grey it's amazing. - Lunala

It's so depressing and bland... I personally don't think gray is even really a colour. It's some wanna-be hybrid between a lack of colour and a mix of all colours.

Doesn't sound so cheerful, to depressing, and plain. Who would like this colour? Blue, green, pink, white, black, yellow, purple, red. And all those other colours are better than this! Especially green! - Angelberryique

I like black and white. But for some reason I hate this? It's not complete, it's just crap, lifeless and plain, I think it represents boredom! - marlonacott

5 Mustard Yellow

Third is a good color because it is goes with hot dog

I could puke

6 Puke Green

Adding green here is wrong so I'm guessing this green is what they all mean.

A colour with the word "puke" is terrible by itself

GREEN IS BEST but not puke green

Puke green should be at number 1

7 Hot Pink

Hot pink is DISGUSTING. It's always associated with girls and it annoys me that pink is the color always used for girls toys. Personally, I love red and everyone always assumes my favorite color is purple or pink which really peeves me off.

I think hot pink is really nice looking

It's a cool colour

It's the color of Barbie. Yuck. This color is so superficial.

8 Olive Green

I hate this colour and I love YELLOW! that is so mean - hermione_granger

Olive green is the colour of vomit pee and poop combined. - Lunala

I would like to see Oliver Green's face when he sees this ;P - Fenjaa19

We love olive green

9 Orange

I love orange colour of tigers

It's a good colour if it's put with the right colours.

Who Dares Put Orange At Number 8, Why is it even on this list

Tumblr girl: "I'm so stylish and quirky haha I wear bright colours! "
Me *votes orange as the worst colour*

10 Green

I just think that you should look at vomit and snot before you decide that it's your fave color

Seafoam green is my favorite color, but I'd get why people wouldn't like dark green. - Luckys

Get over it it's the color of nature - kylebuschfan18

Reminds me of that hideous uniform I had to wear for 5 of the longest years of my life and why is pink number one that's the best colour ever

The Contenders

11 Puce

the color for everything gross ever. And I Love Orange! - I<3Queen

Puce sounds like puke. I hate this

You have to be colour blind to like this colour.

Please don't get me started on this.

12 Brown

I don't like the color brown because it reminds me of poop that's why. - Luckys

Horrible but still it's the color if chocolate! There are wonderful things that are brown. HA!

This is red, not brown. Plus, brown's not a bad colour. Don't be immature and call it "Poo colour! "

Hey don't say that, brown is the color of all my friends!

13 Purple

Purple is the color of grape flavored food/drinks, and I hate grape flavored food/drink therefore purple is my least favorite color. - Luckys

Honestly purple is a nasty colour and it makes me feel sick, especially dark purple. Maybe it's because I associate it with coaches we'd go on for school trips which stank of sick and oil pastels but I don't get why it's a popular colour

Purple is more pretty than yellow and pink.

Why is purple so popular? It's so depressing and dark. Except for light purple which looks like poison. Purple is also the worst color of liquid and flesh. If you have a purple tongue or purple lips, you are sick.

14 Beige

I'm really, really old & I don't wear beige nor any other boring color.

Beige is the kind of color that doesn't pop and it just hides and no one likes it

Beige is like a really really light grey. There is no point of it existing. It is basically white

Looks like a colour that old people wear. - Lunala

15 Magenta

It's a I don't know

16 Neon Yellow

Cool as I know it. But I still hate yellow

Yellow sabse Bekar colour hai

17 Tan

Tan is the color of whites and that's racist

That's the colour of my dogs head!

Tan is such a bad colour it reminders me if vomit yuck!


18 Black

Saying one doesn't like black isn't racist. We're talking about a color, not people.

I don't like the color black, but I like to wear it because it goes with any color. A lot of people just like the color to seem edgy. - Luckys

Oh, no who added this? I would say this is one of the best because it doesn't make your eyes burn, like a bright, neon, yellow. You can relax more. And if you mix every color, you get this. And this color can color over anything, making it black. So there.

This shouldn't be on the list. When you think about it, black is a GOOD colour. It goes with everything, it's cool, I mean, pink is what burns your eyes. Not black.

19 Gold

Why is gold here to me gold is the color of accomplishment - bert631

I like gold it's pretty. - funnyuser

Gold just looks cheap and goes with colours like pink and that beige nobody likes.

It's gold and it's not pee yellow and it makes you rich

20 Light Gray

Beauty to my eyes. - Luckys



I Hate Gray it’s a stressful color I Love Dark Green like sailor Pluto hair And Black Beautiful black and hot pink the color of Love

21 Red

Red is definitely worst color ever because:
1. Color of anger
2. Color of hell
3. Color of death
4. Color of curse
5. Color of evil
6. Color of chaos
7. Color of Nazi
8. Color of negativity
9. Color of human & animal flesh
10. Color of bloodshed & gore
11. Color of danger & hazard
12. Color of emergency
13. Color of devil’s skin color
14. Color of negativity

Anyone who doesn't like red is ridiculous

Who added red? Red is the best colour!

Red sucks. Green is better

22 Turquoise

Yeah I like this colour

It's a Good colour

Hoooww? This colour is amazing and yes it's colour not color!

Bruh, this is an awesome colour.

23 Mahogany

It isn't that bad honestly.
Yeah it's the colour of nature being destroyed but that's the only bad thing about it.

It looks and sounds nasty - Celestius

I actually would hate this in a dressD:

I agree with cleletius.

24 Violet
25 Light Blue-gray

The mention of puke makes me want to puke!

This comment makes me want to puke!

This color makes me want to puke!

26 Pale Pink

Pale pink is a nice, shy colour in my opinion! Also, I like pink, it's my second favourite colour after teal.

27 White

I think you're getting a bit religious. It's just a color, man. Chill out.

AWESOME COLOR EVER this color make me relax

White is awesome

White is a good color and it's an angel wings color and the angel it's from heaven and the heaven is the castle of god so I disagree that this is an worst color
who write this

28 Tangerine Orange

It's the taste of tangerines

Orange all together.. yuck.. should be ranked higher

29 Blue

I think blue is an overused colour and personally, I believe there are better colours. All respect to those who like this colour, as I believe we should all be allowed to love the colours we love

I HATE the color blue. It is the WORST overall color. No warmth. No depth. Absolutely a disgrace to all colors everywhere. Smurfs suck. Also the Blue Man group sucks.

Who does not like blue. Blue is the best

How is blue so bad? Blue is awesome

30 Lilac

Why would you hate this lmao its beautiful

31 Peach

So stupid and the most dumbest color

Kaedan style

32 Cream
33 Caramel

Ew why would anyone even like it? HORRIBLE

34 Pomegranate Pink
35 Lavender

Lavender is my favorite color and type of flower. While the picture is showing more of a pastel blue, the color is still fantastic. 10/10 would bean

Good but this color is not my first favorite color

This picture is white it isn't even lavender hwta

Lavender is the colou of Guest Girl from roblox hair - Lunala

36 Maroon

The Aggies Designer Screwed Up For That Team, Man it's So ugly (The Texas Aggies)

37 Rose Gold

It is the best


It sucks

I love it

38 Eggplant

Eggplant is so eggplant that it ate my friend's cow's mom's chicken.

Looks so weenis

39 Saffron

This is like a lighter shade of orange, looks pretty good.

Is saffron Blue?

40 Sea Green


I just HATE IT


41 Cyan

But I like this colour...

42 Burgundy

I hate it. Fell award when I see the colour I just wish it never exist you know watch the colour please if you don't know what it is its more like for people who have no life in this world well old gramps and gram will like it

43 Navy Blue

It's a dark blue by the way


44 Slate
45 Jet Gray


46 Silver

Who does not like silver? It's shiny!

47 Fuchsia

Like wow calm down

48 Dark Purple

Good color

49 Yellow Green
50 Dark Gold

I don’t like it

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