Worst Factions In Pro Wrestling History

The Top Ten

1 The Spirit Squad
2 Right to Censor

My god! Their entrance music! - Hernandez1614

3 3MB

Why would they have Indian wrestler, Jinder Mahal in there group as their third member? He's not even rock'n rollish, he's a cobra flute player. Curt Hawkins is the best choice to be in the third member of 3MB and maybe the faction might make it look better.

4 The Corre
5 The Main Event Mafia
6 The Union
7 J.O.B. Squad
8 The Oddities
9 New Nexus
10 X Factor

The Contenders

11 The BWO
12 Aces & Eights

I loved the concept, which is why it sucked, it really sounded like a good idea, but the way TNA went with the Aces and Eights story line pissed me off.

13 The Shield

Overrated, but all 3 of them have lots of star power - KingSlayer93316

No way should the shield be anywhere on this
Iist. Yeah they're jerks, but they're supposed to be! They're bad guys!

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