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21 "If There Were a God, Would He Have Put You Here On Earth With a Flat Chest and a Fat Ass?"
22 Brian Gives Stewie Herpes
23 Peter Asks Lois Which Way to Slit His Wrists

This is the worst joke, as it teaches depressed people how to slit their wrists. Why was that even necessary?

24 Brian Finds Out He Has a Son

If Brian abused Dylan in the same way an abusive dad beats his own son, I would send him a thank you card (don't be offended. Dylan deserves it anyway).

I swear whenever that little bastard (Dylan) came onscreen I wanted to carve out his eyes and set him on fire. He is one of the most irritating characters I've ever seen on this show. If I met him in real life, I would sell his ass to the detention center.

I'm not even sure Dillian is really his son at all he looks nothing like Brian and plus his a dog - egnomac

I hated dillan's guts!

25 Brian insults Meg’s appearance when he tries to convert her to Atheism

I have no problem with Seth MacFarlane's beliefs, but he can't just say these things

26 "Terri Schiavo: the Musical"
27 Evil Stewie

The scenes with Evil Stewie and the domestic abuse episode were some of the most violent and uncomfortable scenes on the show.

28 Elmer Fudd Violently Kills Bugs Bunny In a Cutaway Gag

Relax people. Bugs is only a drawing he's not real.

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29 The "You Have AIDS" Sequence

Really!? A Season 4 Cutaway
But I Thought Season 4 Was The best Season

30 Chris teaching his grandfather, Carter, how to masturbate
31 Lois Makes Out With Meg's Boyfriend

Ew, this is pedophilic. - AinezoChan

32 James Woods Returns and Steals Peter's Identity

What is with this show's obsession with james woods?

33 Quagmire Accidentally Marries Charmese

What the hay? Isn't he already married? - AinezoChan

34 Guy Kills his Own Brother to Get Out of Going Out with Meg

Is going out with Meg really that bad that they would murder their own family members just get out of it, its just really awful and disturbing.

35 A raccoon chews on Stewie’s exposed brain

That is uncomfortable to watch. - AinezoChan

36 Brian cuts off his ear

I hope this messed up show gets canceled soon... - Officialpen

37 "Ladies and gentlemen... Mr. Conway Twitty" V 1 Comment
38 Prom Night Dumpster Baby

You people do know this was based on a true story do you?

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39 Brian pukes when he realizes that he slept with a transgender woman
40 Chris masturbating to his own mother
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