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181 Most Douchebag Names
182 Reasons Why Women are Bitchy
183 Top 10 Things that Should Stop Getting Love
184 Best Songs to Dab To
185 Top 10 Reasons Why Frozen is Better Than Toy Story

I love Frozen, but Toy Story blows it out of the water. Or should I say ice?
KILL ME - 445956

It's Old Now - JPK

186 Top 10 Reasons Um Jammer Lammy is a Better Waifu Than Lana Loud

"Lammy's brain is sexier than Lana Loud's" - xandermartin98

187 Top 10 Undertale, Parappa the Rapper and Mario Characters with the Hottest and Sexiest Brains



188 Top Ten Nickelodeon Girls You Would Want to See Nude

no thank - Iamcool

189 Top 10 Dumbest People in History

#9. Adolf Hitler
Do people not realize the definition of dumb? - naFrovivuS

190 Top Ten Hottest Fictional Serial Killers

It's ridiculous people can look at a serial killer and think they're "hot." - naFrovivuS

191 Worst Things to Say to a Real Music Fan

I hope nobody says these things in real life. It'll just make them look bad.

V 2 Comments
192 Top Ten Things People Should Hate

Hitler, Justin Bieber, Murder, Rape etc.

193 Top Ten Most Popular Singers For 10 Year Old Girls
194 Top Ten Laws You Would Create if You Ruled the World

If you can't make fun of your own lists, you can't make fun of others. - Turkeyasylum

195 Worst Racing Games
196 Top Ten Reasons to Love Miley Cyrus

How would you love this prostitute?

There is nothing at all wrong with loving someone who is a prostitute. Are you confused about what love is, or that prostitutes are people who had their individual unique characteristics too? Who are you or anyone to say who anyone else should or shouldn't love? You may not believe in or respect him, but a famous man named Jesus notably loved at least one prostitute and likely all of them. - Billyv

She deserves the hate she gets.

197 Top Ten Things Wrong with Kids Today V 2 Comments
198 Top Ten TopTenners
199 Top Ten Reasons Why Super Paper Mario is Better Than Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

There's some degenerate Super Paper Mario fanboy lurking around this site. Quite sad that he has nothing better to do in his life than praising SPM like the Messiah and trashing PPTTYD and bashing anyone who thinks differently.

200 Top Ten Anime Characters That Would Fart in the Tub

Hold on, this list actually exists? Uh... let me search it up right now in hopes that I won't be grossed out by it. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

This is disgusting - GriffinDoge

What the hell? - GriffinDoge

Amazing idea

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