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241 Top Worst Things About TheTopTens List of Worst YouTube Channels V 1 Comment
242 Cartoon Characters You Shouldn't Make Fun Of

Sorry guys. This was a horrible list that I made.

243 Top Ten Words Americans Misspell
244 Top 10 Reasons Why Dumb People Are Better Than Smart People V 1 Comment
245 Top Ten Things That Make Girls Hot

That treats women like objects.

246 Worst Sports
247 Worst "Weird Al" Yankovic Songs

This should be #1 because it is the most inaccurate list I have even seen on this website!

248 Top Ten Worst Things About the Lord of the Rings

It's one of the greatest franchises of all time. It's not bad.

249 Top 10 Characters/People/Animals Who Should Beat Up the Nostalgia Critic

It's bad if you beat him up, he would have called the police right now.

V 1 Comment
250 Top Ten Reasons Why ToptensFan Is a Good User V 1 Comment
251 Top Ten Reasons Why Andre56 Is a Great User
252 Top Ten Reasons Nicki Minaj Is a Better Artist Than the Beatles
253 Top Ten Best Things About Batman and Robin
254 Worst Things About Lupe Fiasco
255 Top 10 Most Disturbing Music Videos of All Time V 1 Comment
256 Worst Things About Luigi
257 Top Ten Reasons To Hate Canada

This is my least favorite list of all time. - Blight

V 1 Comment
258 Top 10 Reasons to Stop Hating So Much On Teen Titans Go!

People Have Opinions - JPK

259 Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than Gravity Falls V 1 Comment
260 Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than the Beatles
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