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341 Top Ten Worst Top Ten Lists On TheTopTens V 1 Comment
342 Top Ten Worst Things About the Teletubbies

Uh no teletbbies deserve every single microscopic bit of hatred they get

343 Top Ten Worst Things About TopTenners
344 Top Ten Reasons Why Frozen Haters Are Worse Then Frozen Fans

People had opinions on the film.

One of the entries said 'they have no life'. RUDE MUCH! - coolguy101

345 Top Ten Reasons Why Nikki Minaj is Better Than Led Zeppelin

Nicki Minaj is spelled wrong - lovefrombadlands

346 Top Ten Reasons Why Breadwinners is Better Than Super Mario Bros

Why compare a bad show with a really good classic game.

347 Top Ten Ways TheTopTens Makes Your Life Worse

What? TheTopTens has made my life better, not worse! - FennikenFan9

348 Reasons Why Casting Crowns Is Better Than Iron Maiden
349 Top 10 Worst Anime

I can understand School Days and Boku no Pico along with other bad anime as well, but why are good anime series like Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, DBZ, SAO, AOT, and Cowboy Bebop on the list?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

350 Worst Things About Toilets
351 Most Annoying Rock/Metal Bands
352 Top Ten Family Guy Episodes Where Brian Griffin is at His Worst V 1 Comment
353 Top Ten Once Good Artists That Should Stop Making Music
354 Top Ten Reasons to Not Have Children

This is evil!

355 Top 10 Religions With the Stupidest Dogma
356 Top 10 Ways the Universe Could End
357 Worst Years In History

1939 was when WWII started.
2016 was about fashion and celebrity deaths, just a few terrorist attacks and millions of celebrities and stuff didn't die.
1939 Number 2
2016 Number 1
2016 is overrated. - TeamRocket747

358 Reasons Why Metallica Sucks
359 Most Random Things to Compare

You seriously can't compare two completely different things.

360 Top Ten Reasons Donald Trump Should Win the 2016 Presidential Election

Created by a Clinton supporter.

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