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361 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Nintendo


362 Best Finding Dory Characters

I Bet A Certain User That Starts With The Word Videogame Added This To The List

I'm Sick Of The Dory Hate

363 Reasons Why Toilets are Better Than Justin Bieber


364 Reasons Why Veggie Tales is Better Than Led Zeppelin

The most boring troll list I've ever seen - ElectricCorpseSlayer

365 Top Ten Reasons Not To Get A Job
366 Top 10 Reasons Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea, and Meghan Trainor are Better Than Jackie Evancho
367 Annoying Things About Justin Bieber Haters
368 Top Ten Reasons BobbytheBrony is an Awesome User

He Is An Awesome User
An Anti-Brony Probably Added This - JPK

369 Top Ten Most Hated People
370 Top Ten Decade Defining Actors and Actresses

The list is no longer bad! Go check it out! But honey boo boo, seriously!

371 Top Ten Reasons to Hate TheTopTens

I know some people hated the site but these guys need to stop complaining about the site and ignore it.

V 1 Comment
372 Top Ten Worst Quotes in TheTopTens History
373 Top Ten Most Evil People in History V 1 Comment
374 Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Top Ten Reasons Why South Park Is Better Than Liv and Maddie" Is Inaccurate
375 Top Ten Actors Who Are Impossible to Love
376 Top Ten Actors Who Should Never Be Able to Act Again
377 Top Ten Most Narcissistic Actors
378 Top Ten Reasons Why The Lion King is Great

It's not one of the best, it is one of the worst films ever made. In fact Lion King deserves to be destroyed.

That Lion King Hater Added This - JPK

What?! It's one of the best Disney films ever made.

379 Worst '80s Songs
380 Ten Reasons to Hate Buttercup from the Original Powerpuff Girls

While It's Fine To Not Like Her, This List Was Kinda Unnecessary - JPK

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