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401 Worst People Of The 21st Century

I have to put this here because some people that were not really bad were in the list and my orderings were kinda inaccurate BUT I removed my remix of the list! - Neonco31

402 Top Ten Jacob Satourious Songs
403 Top 10 Reasons Why Sonic Underground is Better Than Adventure Time
404 Worst Artists on DeviantArt

The people on the list really need to find something to do other than criticize fetish artists. Seriously. They act as if fetishism is going to cause the generation to screw up or something. - Swellow

405 All-Time Worst People in History
406 Most Overrated Wii U Games
407 Best Kpop Songs
408 Top 10 Brain-Fetish Scenes in Undertale Fanfiction So Far
409 Worst Things About Zootopia
410 Top Ten Reasons The Lego Batman Movie is Better Than Zootopia
411 Best Things About The Loud House
412 Top Ten Worst Artists Ever

The list makes no since at all how is Metallica worse than Crazy Frog and how is Pink Floyd worse than Meghan Trainor? - christangrant

413 Top Ten Reasons Why Metalheads Should Keep Their Opinions to Themselves and Shouldn't Share It with Anybody

Most retarded list ever - christangrant

414 Best Hard Rock Bands of the 90s

One of the stupidest lists ever most of the bands on there aren't hard rock - christangrant

415 Top Ten Songs to Describe Zootopia
416 Characters Who Would Enjoy The Human Centipede
417 Characters That Deserve To Get Beat Up
418 Top Ten Reasons Why a Stick Would Beat 100,000 Navy Seals in a Fight
419 Top Ten Reasons Why Super Mario Maker Is a Bad Idea

'It's unoriginal' sits there at the very top of the list...just what the heck, it's a creative game with endless opportunities for levels. - Entranced98

420 Best Disses Ever
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