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421 Top 10 Reasons Why Rick and Morty is Better than The Loud House

New list, Reasons Why Sonic Is Better than Super Mario! - EXXON

422 Top Ten Reasons Why Ebola Is Better Than Adventure Time

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid - JPK

423 Ten Reasons Why Princess Bubblegum is Better Than Princess Peach
424 Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic Is Better Than Mario
425 Top Ten Reasons Why Batman & Robin is So Bad

This Is A Good List - JPK

426 Top Ten Reasons Why Clarence Is Better Than SpongeBob SquarePants, Fairly Oddparents, and Regular Show
427 Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Peach and Daisy are Better Than Rosalina
428 Top 10 Reasons Why Amy Rose is Better Than Princess Peach
429 Top 10 Ways Sanjay and Craig is Better Than The Lion King

Lion King is the one who stinks.

Sanjay and Craig Stinks! - ChuckECheese

430 Top 10 Reasons Why the List "Reasons Why Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election" is Wrong
431 Top 10 Reasons Why Goanimate is Better Than Harry Potter

I Like Both Personally - JPK

432 Top Ten Slang Words for Penis
433 Top Ten Reasons Why Microsoft Surface Sucks
434 Best Uncle Grandpa Characters
435 Top 10 Characters That Are Amy Rose's Best Friend

Lemme guess: #1 sonic

436 Top Ten Reasons To Hate Women

Sure, 'cause women are all the same and not individuals with different personalities, beliefs and tastes.
(Sarcasm off) - Martin_Canine

437 Worst Eurovision Winners

Trolls ruined it. - Entranced98

438 Top Ten Hottest Fictional Cannibals
439 Top Ten Hottest Fictional Dead Characters
440 Top 10 Characters Who Should Defeat ISIS

Good List - JPK

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