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21 Bowser Card V 1 Comment
22 Propeller Suit

Whee! I can fly up in the air and shoot down! This ability can cause avoiding enemies, getting star coins easily, and that rumble in your Wii Remote is a small effect that makes you very happy! - Mariomaster63

Are you kidding me? This thing REALLY helps when battling Ludwig and Giant Bowser in Super Mario Bros Wii - FireWasp2004

This item saved me several times

23 Mega Mushroom

Become "Godzilla" and crush every single thing in your path! And the majority of the level is destroyed thanks to the Mega Mushroom! That made the level easy! - Mariomaster63

Wait, I actually love this item! Sure, major paths to secret places may be destroyed, but who doesn't want to become Mega Mario?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Mega Mushroom can destroy anything, even pipes. But sadly you might get stuck and have to wait until you go back to normal size. - Catacorn

It's fun being a giant and crushing everything in your path - FireWasp2004

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24 Tanooki Tail

Oh my goodness, Mario! It's so cute. You can fly from high objects, you can fly upwards as you run! You can swipe your little tail to teach those Goombas a lesson, and crouch and spin to go SUPER SAIYAN! Best ability ever! - Mariomaster63

25 Super Leaf
26 Frog Suit
27 Spring Mushroom

Spring shroom is one of the most useless items

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28 P-Wing
29 Fire Flower

Seriously, Fire Flower is great! - peaceswagtv

I love the fire flower, you can shoot fire at the enemies and they'll die instantly. - Catacorn

Whoever created this list needs to do his research. most of them are good ones. Why would yo7 call youraelf 'Mariomaster' anyway?

30 Hammer Suit

What?! this is the BEST item. it is essentially a fireball that can go through walls and can kill ANYTHING. even thwomps.

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31 Invincible Leaf

This is so cool. In Mario 3D land, if you are having a hard time, this item will pop up. It's invincible, except against falls

32 Monster Shroom

That evil shroom from paper Mario is a item and a enemy put together

It is very fast and hard to beat and their are diffrent kinds that are even faster.

33 Carrot
34 Goomba Mask
35 Dangerous Delight
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