Worst South Park Episodes from Seasons 1-10

The worst South Park episodes from the first ten seasons.

The Top Ten

Mr. Garrisons' Fancy New Vagina (Season 9)

Mr. Garrisons gets a sex change not only that but Kyle gets surgery to make himself Black and Tall and Gerald gets surgery to make himself part dolphin this episode is just disgusting with them showing actual footage of a sex change and Kyle blowing up both his knee caps after making a slam dunk. - egnomac

A Million Little Fibbers (Season 10)

This episode makes little to no sense Towlee the pot smoking towel from episodes past writes a best selling book while pretending to be human and then getting busted by Oprah and the even more bizarre it also involves Oprah's talking private parts. - egnomac

Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut (Season 2)

A lot of the episode feels like nothing but filler then there's the part with Dr. Mephisto gets shot and the boys and Chief have to take him to the hospital then the power goes out then there's the part with with the citizens of South Park and the crew of America's Most Wanted getting snowed in and resorting to cannibalism even though it's only been one day and finally we get to what we all waited for the identity of Cartman's dad is revealed after of course Mephisto reveals he was shot by his brother who tries to kill him every month making everything we saw earlier completely pointless and its revealed that Carman's mom is his dad. - egnomac

I hate this episode - Gangem

Stanleys Cup (Season 10)

Definitely the worst episode from the 10 first season.

I HATE THIS EPISODE! Why does every time cartman is absent in one episode it's going to be a boring episode just like Pip, Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub, Jewbilee, A Million Little Fibers and this episode.

This episode sucks I was expecting that they will win but it turns out they didn't and the kid with cancer died what a great thing to mess up a person with a serious condition now people who had a family member with cancer probably got pissed off when they watched this episode.

A horrible way to end the tenth season Stan's bike gets repossessed and in order to get the money to get it back is to coach a pee wee hockey team, this episode is just horrible the ending is really messed up with the little kids being assaulted by the grown up hockey team at one point one kid gets hit so hard with the puck it breaks his jaw and the kid with cancer also dies I couldn't remember his name. - egnomac

Quest for Ratings (Season 8)

In this episode it really felt like they half assed it, the whole episode is about the boys trying to compete against Craig's show by putting on a better news show the episode is all over the place nothing special. - egnomac

Pip (Season 4)

A retelling of the Charles Dickens book Great Expectations staring Pip a very un South Park like episode not very entertaining or memorable but at least they're kind enough to tell the audience that this has nothing to do with South Park and that its is own thing. - egnomac

Jakovasaurs (Season 3)

Those Jakovasaurs were super annoying. - egnomac

Proper Condom Use (Season 5)

The school attempts to teach the kids about sex education but with the teachers being Mr. Mackey who clearly knows nothing about sex education and Ms. Choksondik who flat out against it so much that she goes overboard scaring the girls that it starts a war between the boys and the girls and if that's not enough they also decide to teach sex ED to kindergartners which already sounds wrong even worst is when Mr. Garrison actually shows the kindergartners how to put on a condom using a dildo just wrong. - egnomac

Butt Out (Season 7)

The boys get caught smoking and the parents believe the Tobacco company is responsible for them smoking so they bring in Rob Riener who goes to great lengths to pass a law to ban smoking including attempting to kill off one of the boys to make it look like died from second hand smoking. - egnomac

Sexual Harassment Panda (Season 3)

Its basically everyone suing each other over sexual harassment and Gerald taking advantage of all the lawsuits and the school losing money. - egnomac

The Contenders

Damien (Season 1)

This episode is so boring! - Gangem

Marjorine (Season 9)

There are too many things going on in the episode that it becomes really unfocused. - egnomac

Tom's Rhinoplasty (Season 1)

It was pretty meh episode Wendy becomes extremely jealous by the new hot substitute teacher and Stan and the other boys fall for her unaware that she is actually a lesbian, and in the end Wendy has her kidnapped and has her strapped to a rocket and hurled into the sun which was complete over kill. - egnomac

City on the Edge of Forever (Season 2)

The kids get stranded on the bus that's leaning on the edge of a cliff as Ms. Crabrtree goes to get help and tells them not to get off or a scary monster will eat them and the boys have flashbacks to things that happened in past episodes only they're all wrong and it all end with them getting ice cream and in the end it's revealed to be a dream within a dream making everything completely pointless. - egnomac

Here Comes the Neighborhood (Season 5)
The Jeffersons (Season 8)
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