Worst Things About the 8th Grade


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1 Your teachers start rushing through lessons
2 You get so many projects and tests, you think you'll explode

Once you finish a project in one class you get a test in one and them and another project than test. - MetalObsessed

3 Everyone is freaking out about high school

Yep, even me since I'm in 8th grade currently. - Pegasister12

4 Your GPA, all of your school history, and all of your grades are sent to local high schools
5 Fearing you might end up going to a high school you don't want to go to

My school district only has one high school. Not much of a worry for me. - Turkeyasylum

My middle school is also a high school so I will stay there till college - AnonymousChick

6 Fearing your friends might go to different high schools

I am kinda getting tired of some of my current friends. My best friends are mostly talking to other people, and some have completely turned against me. Well, that makes it kind of a good thing.

7 Everyone is still a jerk and immature

Unfortunately, I suffer this cataclysmic case, my peers are so annoying that I just want to get up and leave the world

Immature yes jerk no - Frouze

8 Bullies

Especially if they blackmail you for telling on them. I told a teacher that this girl was being extremely annoying, and she told the principal that I said "n," even though I didn't. Profanity is banned in my school. Also, any words that can make people feel bad and/or cannot make people feel good, are also banned. I almost got expelled until I got "witnesses."

9 You and your friends start drifting apart

Here is what happens when mostly the same people are forced to be together this much a day, this many days a week, for 9 years:
Best friends: go down in rank
Normal friends: mostly talk to other people
Acquaintances: Start getting annoying
Enemies: Become even worse

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10 Your bodies start changing

My body just flat out turned against me! WHAT?! - dipperpinesfangirl618

This can start as early as 5th grade...

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? Two Faced People

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11 Knowing you'll go from the oldest grade back to the youngest grade

This is how it'll be for me, exept I was in sixth, going into seventh. - RockFashionista

I will just impress everyone in high school. (Linux, 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288, how to get past evil parents' restrictions, etc.)

12 You get sweaty and awkward

I thought this only happened to boys until I came to 8th grade. - dipperpinesfangirl618

13 Trying to decide what you'll do in high school
14 The sudden realization that the teachers really don't care if you pass.
15 People give you crap for still liking cartoons
16 Boys get more annoying and immature
17 Walking, one-dimensional, bleach-blonde, valley girl stereotypes
18 Meals suck
19 No more finger painting or snack time

What middle school did you go to? We only used finger painting!

20 Algebra
21 You become more self-conscious
22 All you want to do is leave middle school
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1. Bullies
2. Your bodies start changing
3. Your teachers start rushing through lessons
1. Everyone is freaking out about high school
2. You get so many projects and tests, you think you'll explode
3. Your teachers start rushing through lessons
1. Everyone is freaking out about high school
2. Your teachers start rushing through lessons
3. You get so many projects and tests, you think you'll explode


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