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1 All Animes Are the Same

Ugh, why does everyone hate anime so much?

First of all, anime is not all the same. Unless, of course, you think Glitter Force, a bunch of girls with magic and friendship powers, is the same as Elfen Lied, with people ripping off other peoples' limbs and heads.

Also, everyone thinks all anime is porn because of Boku no Pico, Highschool DxD, and a few others. But that doesn't mean that all animes are like that.

Also, of course they don't speak English! Anime is Japanese and you should respect that!

Stop hating on anime! It's NOT porn and if you learn to appreciate it, you can find that it's actually pretty deep.

So stop hating it. Well, haters gotta hate.

2 American Cartoons are Better

Although true, not a reason for what is bad about anime. - Therandom

3 All Girls Call Boys "Master"

Just becasue you once saw a hentai, doesn't mean that every anime is like this. Idiot...

4 There is Too Much Anime Porn V 1 Comment
5 Fanboys
6 Dragon Ball Z Is the Only Good Anime

For me dragon ball Z is one of the boring anime.there are great other anime out there, - zxm

7 Bad Art Style
8 They Don't Speak English

There is a thing called English dub. - Kiteretsunu

9 Hentai/Furryporn

Ugh! - naFrovivuS

10 Big Monsters

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11 Boobs Jokes

I was watch Anime a while and I see so many boobs. - 05yusuf09

I agree with this. It's one of the bad things about fanservice anime. - Kiteretsunu

12 Talking Animals
13 Fangirls
14 Cosplayers
15 Lazy lip sync
16 It's Overrated
17 It's for Nerds
18 Maids/Cat Women
19 Bad Voice Acting
20 Death Note is the Only Good Anime
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1. All Animes Are the Same
2. American Cartoons are Better
3. Hentai/Furryporn
1. All Animes Are the Same
2. It's Overrated
3. Lazy lip sync
1. There is Too Much Anime Porn
2. Fanboys
3. All Animes Are the Same



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