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1 The List Is Full of Hatred

Number 1 probably was so upset. Number 2 probably was too.

For the one who created the "Worst users on TheTopTens" list, WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO MEAN?! WE HAVE OUR OWN OPINIONS AND OUR OWN LIFE! Plus let's see if you joined and claimed yourself as the creator of the list and you don't have a single follower for months. And don't blame me, You made the list, right? - MLPFan

@DreamWorks2005 So it was you who made the list. Not an visitor. But I forgive you. - Gabo147

I... Most likely wasn't a user when it happened (reply and tell me when it was made please) but I think that any user who was on it should have felt horrible and the only person who deserves to be on the list is whoever made the list. And I don't care if he was a visitor. - AnonymousChick

Yea they said awful things about mrcoolface and lots of other good users here. I'm glad it got taken away

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2 This List Is Created By an Anonymous Visitor

If this list deals with such a sensitive topic, it's better if it's created by a recognised Top Tenner who knows about everyone here.
Or maybe some coward logged out and made this list as an anonymous. - Kiteretsunu

For all I know, the person who made this was inconsiderate of everyone who was on here, so I hope that this never happens again! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I agree completely. In fact I wrote a blog post on the subject two days ago. It hasn't appeared yet. - PetSounds

Visitors have no right to create lists like that - EpicJake

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3 Dumb Comments

Many recognised and really good top tenners are criticized for really dumb reasons. This shows only one thing, and that's jealousy. - Kiteretsunu

I know about this silly list, I just refuse to read it. - Britgirl

The list itself is just a battlefield of dumb comments and comment wars. - aarond09

4 The List Itself

I'm glad the list got removed months ago - EpicJake

Why would you need this list in the first place? - Kiteretsunu

The list is pointless and is UNNECESSARY! - DCfnaf

5 The List Hurts the Dedicated Top Tenners Present Here

Never read it, but I'm sure it hurt a lot of guys. - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Of course this list hurts everyone. - Kiteretsunu

This list hurt my feelings

I think admin did delete it - simpsondude

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6 Users Arguing With Each Other

If a user writes something bad about another user, arguments and quarrelling will happen. And that's bad! - Kiteretsunu

7 You Get Attacked For What You Like

Thankfully, I was a not a user around the time of that list. I don't know how many people would hate me just for liking Sword Art Online. I just wonder if there were death threats as well. I will NEVER make a list like that. The person who made the list should reveal themselves. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Me neither and you weren't? I thought you were here for a long time - AlphaQ

Let me think me liking Katy perry result people saying I'm a loser saying I hate anything cute and I don't like little kids I'm called a bully see so annoying

This also sums up some of the Anti-Religious people on TheTopTens - aarond09

I signed up after the list was deleted

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8 It's a Disrespectful List

Beiber has the last thing we need on this list

Justin beiber so hot

9 Users Have Been Placed Here For Dumb Reasons

If you like a particular music artist who isn't much liked by many visitors and users present here, you're put up here on this list. - Kiteretsunu

Yea I don't like anime but I was put here anyway

Heck, nobody knows who I am so of course I'm not on the list. - Minecraftcrazy530

10 It's Offensive

There is only one user I really hate. - Userguy44

I have a question. I'm not being mean or anything, but, who was at number one? - AnonymousChick

Was I on the list? - cosmo

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11 Extremely Inaccurate
12 The List Can Make Affected Users Lose Their Morale

That's a bad thing. Some users could have lost self-esteem and become depressed, which could lead to suicide. And suicide is a serious issue we're talking about here. The list can otherwise be called a bully list. Because it bullied users. And bullies are bad. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Also sorry didn't finish my thing. Below I HAVE ENOUGH GOING ON IN MY LIFE

How about reasons to hate anonymous users I want to do suicide now a

13 The List Creates Misleading Impressions Of Really Good Top Tenners

A lot is said on this list to demonise others; which is either untrue, a small thing blown out of proportion, or heard from others and played by ear. It's a hub for trolling. - PositronWildhawk

I was put on the list and called rude. Remember? - aarond90

14 It Was So Bad It Had to Be Deleted

Good item. And true - EpicJake

Thank you admin! You’re the best TTT user! - Gabo147

Thank god I was not on the list I joined after it was removed - Minecraftisawesone

When was it removed? I joined in August 2015, was there a chance I could have seen it? - TwilightKitsune

15 It Degrades Users Who Didn’t Do Anything Wrong
16 It Makes Users Feel Bad for Something They Didn't Really Do
17 Someone Will Try and Remake It

It will never get approved.

It won’t get approved! You’re not allowed to make offensive lists! - Gabo147

18 People Defend It
19 I Can't Find It

Even if I'm curious, I think it's best NOT to know who wad on the list. It could hurt feelings, you know. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I think it was deleted

20 It Got Removed

That's a good thing

I want that list back

21 The List Was Stupid

The list is overall just stupid

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3. It Degrades Users Who Didn’t Do Anything Wrong
1. It's a Disrespectful List
2. It's Offensive
3. The List Hurts the Dedicated Top Tenners Present Here
1. This List Is Created By an Anonymous Visitor
2. Users Arguing With Each Other
3. The List Can Make Affected Users Lose Their Morale

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