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21 Stormkit's accident and when his name changes to Crookedkit

He was a kit for Starclan's sake! That was emotional abuse..

This made me cry. A mother disowns her kits and gives him a rude name. ~ Goldenfeather

22 Discovery of leafpool's kits

I wish they never found out, just so they could live a happy life.

23 When Icepaw dies


IceCLOUD never died.

This is made up, my made up cat, but here is the story__
she is a white apprentice with iceblue eyes and she lost her nose in a fight. she wasone of the really old cats, leader was Sunsetstar of ThunderClan, who was the leader after Owlstar. her mentor was fighting with her but a cat ripped open Icepaw's back and Icepaw died. she was noble, if a little battlehungry, but she was a perfectly good cat. in a cruel twist of fate her mentor was killed by the same cat, defending Sunsetstar from the evil cat. please, avenge Icepaw's death, vote for her. oh, and the evil cat was named Spiderstrike. he is in the dark forest. please don't use her for your own character. she is mine.

24 The dark forest kills Beetlewhisker

He was a great character. - AnonymousChick

25 Cinderpelt dies

I personally LOVED her and cried buckets when she died. It was so sad! I prefer the original to CinderHEART.

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26 Swiftpaw's death

It was so terrible

27 Tigerclaw becomes tigerstar

So I was reading the books, everything going as normal, then suddenly, Tigerstar is apparently the leader of ShadowClan? I wanted to bang my head against a wall. ShadowClan is smarter than to put a murderous traitor as leader out of the blue. No, just no.

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28 Jessy returns

Oops spoiler

Oh if she returned she'd become Gempaw and become Firestar 2.0 x 100 and bramblestar would be her mate THANK GOODNESS THIS don't EVER HAPPEN WOOHOO

29 Squirrelpaw and Leafpaw separate

WHY! They were ment to be together! I mean, Squirrelpaw didn't even have to go! WHY! WHY! WHY!

30 Graystripe leaves for Riverclan
31 When Firestar Dies V 1 Comment
32 Jessy takes over the clans and forms them into "PerfectClan"
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