Top 10 Wrestlemania Dream Matches

These may have happed or may not have but these are my Wrestlemania dream matches.

The Top Ten

1 John Cena vs Undertaker

And it will be more like a dream match... If this match was a submission match... Because it will be The Undertaker's wrestlemania streak vs John Cena's never give up streak ( because he never taps out ;) )... Please WWE turn this match from a dream to a reality

John cena vs undertaker in a I quit match! John cena will always will always win in a I Quit Match breaking undertaker's steak this match will be for the WWE Championship

Actually John Cena did tapout before. Against Kurt Angle at Judgment Day

2 Stone Cold vs Hulk Hogan

That match would great

3 Shawn Michaels vs The Rock

I want this to happen

4 John Cena vs Hulk Hogan
5 Shawn Michels vs Triple H
6 Ricky Steamboat vs CM Punk
7 The Undertaker vs Sting

Two dark icons of wrestling in a match?! This match would sell out any arena anywhere. It would be far better than hbk, h, or anybody vs. The Undertaker. You would be able to hear the cheering from a block away of the arena. This would be an attitude era worthy match and possibly revive the WWE to what it used to be.

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8 Randy Orton vs Randy Macho Man Savage
9 Undertaker vs Triple H
10 Randy Orton vs Edge

these are the only current superstars who can at least try to bring back the feel of the attitude era.

The Contenders

11 Stone Cold vs the Rock

Because stone cold Steve Austin and the rock had big rivalry together then it end just like that that dream match that will be the to the end

12 Rob Van Dam vs Jimmy Snuka
13 Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy
14 Big Show vs Andre the Giant
15 Shawn Michels vs Hulk Hogan
16 Stone Cold vs CM Punk
17 AJ Styles vs CM Punk
18 Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant
19 Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley vs Becky Lynch
20 Batista vs Brock Leasner
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