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1 Randy Orton - Voices

Orton is great as his theme song. I love it.

By far the best I have heard. I was all for cena but Orton's song actually makes you cheer for him.. whether or not you like him

Randy Orton's song gets everyone pumped up when it starts playing. It's epic and it's so dramatic. When Randy orton slowly walks out to this song, it just makes everything seem much more legendary!

Ho! What a song
The best theme song ever
It tells about the current world the things that are going on and how the people are in their world their thinking and imaginations
It is really suitable for The Viper
So it is best theme song in whole World Wrestling Entertainment

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2 Triple H - The Game Triple H - The Game Paul Michael Levesque, better known by his ring name Triple H, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, corporate executive, and actor.

Great song for a warrior like Triple H aka the game! This song representing him at all

I agree. This is the best ever song than the songs above.

The best ever song in the world is this. None of the above song are as awesome as triple h's song.

John chae

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3 Edge - Metalingus

This song is just awesome, really great theme for a really great wrestler.

This song is addictive an electrifying! The beat is sick and the lyrics are so good. You have to be insane to not love this song!

Metalingus really fit the name of the song well. It was a burst of energy that could get anyone hyped, imagine having to be the guy who gets to come out to that song through a cloud of smoke as the pyro blasts off behind you.

Edge definitely made a right call to bring this song as his entrance when the band was just starting out, and it could be argued that Edge helped bring Alter Bridge to a larger audience. Years later, and the band is not only kicking hard, but has been one of Alternative Metal's best acts in recent years with Fortress being widely acclaimed and The Last Hero having charted in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200.

If you enjoy Metalingus, you'll enjoy Alter Bridge.
And if you enjoy Edge and have not been keeping up with WWE in recent memory, you may be glad to hear that whenever Edge makes a special appearance, he still comes out this tune after over a decade later. - BloodyThunderX

Honestly edge's theme song IS the best out of all theme songs in WWE. Like I can hear this song all day and not get tired of it. The beat, his voice, the rhythm, its like no other. Edge should be #1 though

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4 CM Punk - Cult of Personality


Oh come on, surely this deserves to be in the top 10..

This was my favourite song before it was CM Punks entrance. But then my favourite wrestler got my favourite song. But it is not for that reason. The reason why it is the best ever is because it really does solidify punk it is him he is the cult of personality. No theme ever has completely 100% got it spot on like this song did.

Best song it

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5 The Rock - Electrifying

Hit miss a man what the rock is cookin al I know what the rock is cookin and he's cookin some real sexyness inside him his theme song is like the best from any other superstar I know I hope the rock is wwe champion again and kicks john cena;s ass

Wow The Rock Is The Most Electrifying sports Entertainer ever in The Wwe History Doesn't Matter if his song is No. 1 Or Not

The rock best in the world... Hay this month what the rock is cookin...

Simply electrifying...

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6 Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down

Break Down the walls o Jericho!


Steve Austin and jericho are my favorite - Ananya

I like this song make to ringtone moblie phone

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7 Brock Lesnar - Here Comes the Pain

Best Theme In WWE - subhashsahu

Awesome and stunning theme

Best theme song In WWE just Like him Like beast. - subhashsahu

Best in the world

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8 CM Punk - This Fire Burns

killswitch engage fits CM Punk perfectly. this should definitely be top 5.

this song is so mad! this song is my fav from killswitch engage! it so undderated

This Fire is WAY BETTER than Cult of Personality. Punk should of used to this them song instead of Cult of Personality.

You mean "This Fire", gr! - EliHbk

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9 John Cena - My Time Is Now

You can't see me my time is now

Yes you are a real rapper cena and when I will meet I will say man my time is now you are just awesome

my time is now should be #2! it is way better than human jar of mayonnaise's one. my time is now is mad!

love cena

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10 Sheamus - Written On My Face

An apt song to a deserving wrestler...

The great white is indeed has the best theme song in WWE history. He is one of the best wrestlers in WWE history. He is one of the best young wrestlers born. He has the best moves in WWE. He is the most dangerous superstar in the WWE. He has defeated stars like John Cena, triple h and randy orton.

This song is great. However, his 2015 song is so much better. I happen to like Sheamus now, but even if you hate him and/or find him boring, it's pretty hard to deny that his new song is awesome.

Great and even better than Voices of randal ortan

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11 The Undertaker - Rest In Peace

It's the best music ever... It is just as legendary as The Undertaker

Creates a true sense of disquiet in the pit of your soul.

I got messed up, that this song is at no. 12, oh come on, you guys just ruined it, so retarded mind, voices is in top, and Brock Lesnar's pain at 9, truly this is a PG ERA, the song which chills out everyone's spine and almost give you a heart attack is REST IN PEACE, words itself suggests

I love theme

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12 Hulk Hogan - Real American

Not just best wwe song but best song period

Anyone who doesn't vote for this, didn't grow up in the 80's!

Been a fan of Hogan's since childhood. His Real American theme song is true American. If you don't like it? Then you're not a Real American.

I love this song

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13 Christian - Just Close Your Eyes

"Decieved by my eyes, and all I was told I should see, opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be. " Honestly, I'm not a huge Christian fan, but this song kicks ass and could easily be played by itself on the radio instead of a walk up song. This song is really deep, it talks about shutting out everything that people tell you to do, or say, or be, and finding your own path in life, instead of one that others have paved for you.

Great song and also a great wrestler how could you not love this song I mean seriously it's amazing plus the waterproof blonde version is good too

This should b actually no1!.. Don't just look whose theme song it is, but just hear the song and vote it!.. Then comes metalingus l8r voices according to me


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14 The Miz - I Came to Play

1. The Undertaker - Ministry
2. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - I Won't Do What You Tell Me
3. Triple H - The Game
4. The Miz - I Came to Play
5. CM Punk - Cult Of Personality


AWESOME I CAME TO PLAY. It is the best song in WWE history suites him very well if I say so myself - FREEKILL720

The best WWE entrance song ever

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15 Rob Van Dam - One of a Kind

Should be top ten greatest theme song after benoit and bret hart

Should be on top... It actually suits rob van dam... Perfect for a wwe superstar! ROB VAN DAM THE BESTT!

It says in his song he's one of a kind

This Needs to be Number 1
My top 6
1. RVD - one of a kind
2. Randy Orton - Voices
3. Christian - Just close your eye's
4. John Cena - My time is now
5. Aj Styles - Phenomenal
6. Undertaker - Rest in Peace - deandinosaur5

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16 John Cena - Word Life

This song is totally my style I've got it on CD and I know some of the rap its 100 percent better than my time is now WORD LIFE RULES my fave theme ever! 111 - benq

This song is the best one and kinda better than time is now

Gangster rap meets a hard working white collar superstar. The way it should be

I actually enjoyed this theme much more than his current one after it was being shoved down everyone's throats as a meme. also, this is catchy. - UltraGamer

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17 Stone Cold Steve Austin - Glass Shatters

No one on this list had a bigger/louder pop than when the glass shattered, and all you see is Austin flapping his gums walking to a bad ass tune

When you heard that glass break the goosebumps popped cause you knew it was ON!

When the glass shatters, it boosts the cheer for stone cold steve austin as it is so damn good for a sudden comeback

This song was ICONIC, because whenever you hear the glass shatter, you knew it was about to go down. - Mcgillacuddy

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18 Stone Cold - I Won't Do What You Tell Me

Like it very much

Crowd silence...Glass shatters...crowd goes insane

don't cry

19 Kane - Out of the Fire

Good theme song to go theme fire

This should be in the top 10 - SoloPotato

Beat everyone


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20 Evolution - Line in the Sand
21 Kane - Slow Chemical

The wonder of the world is gone and old for sure
All the wonder that I would have found in her
As a hole becomes another strike to burn
An old flame returns

Every intuition fails to find it's way
One more table turned around I'm back again
Finding I'm a lost and found when she's not around
When she's not around
I feel it coming down

Give me what I could never ask for
Connect me and you could be
My chemical now
Give me the drug you know I'm after
Connect me and you could be my chemical

When everybody wants you (the chemical of your soul)
When everybody wants you (the chemical of your soul)

Slow and
Everybody wants you
So slow and
Everybody wants your soul

Give me what I could never ask for
Connect me and you could be
My chemical now
Give me the drug you know I'm after
Connect me and you could be the chemical

You could be the chemical
You could be the chemical
You could be the ...more

Best theme ever!

I'm so glad they put lyrics in a kane theme


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22 The Nexus - We Are One

This song would be making each and every listener speechless just like me. So, no comments.

I like the song, but not the nexus

I like this song but I think it would be better if it was for the sheild

23 Bray Wyatt - Live In Fear

The 'mania 30 entrance was awesome.


24 HBK - I Am Just a Sexy Boy

one of the best themes eva! Such a Legend...

Best theme song in the world! Every wrestling fan should know the lyrics!

How come this is not in top 10. Rather in top 3. Its the best. Ever. Best theme of the best entertainer.

Not top 5. My gosh then this is not a good list. - awssteelers

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25 DX - Break It Down

It's the best of all time

It's the best song in the world

It's the in- your- face, don't tell me what to do 90s attitude that makes this leitmotif awesome. - Pony

Are u kidding me? Take it to the top 3 at least

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26 Batista - I Walk Alone

Definitely a Great entrance like two Machine Guns and a great soundtrack that clearly says that he is a lonely superstar on WWE (I Walk Alone), one of the most intense and great superstars of all time..

Such a sick track it fits Dave so well!


This should he in the top ten. - RalphBob

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27 Wade Barrett - End of Days

Awesome song! Don't see Barrett hear this song its awesome

1st version wasn't that good, the 2nd version was great.

The 2nd was the bezt wish he sticked with it

I like the corre one I didn't like the one at the 2011 royal rumble

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28 Zack Ryder - Ohh Radio

All THE broskis out there who like this song Then your agreeing with me Well WOO WOO WOO you KNOW IT

It perfectly fits Ryder's character and is honestly one of the most underrated themes, in my opinion.

Top class can't believe its 24th though


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29 Jeff Hardy - No More Words

Time has come and gone for words

Should be number #1!

Endeverafter truly did an amazing job on this piece of art.

1 of my top 3 theme songs - adamsrobert501

I Wish Jeff was Back. He's My favorite

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30 Chris Benoit - Whatever

Should be in the top ten at least!

Probably the best theme in my opinion

His theme always gives a chill down my spine. - UltraGamer

The best theme - Dman1972

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31 Eddie Guerrero - I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal

RIP Eddie, your memory and your theme will live on forever in our minds!

VIVA la raza I lie I cheat I steal

Love it...provokes me to lie cheat and steal

32 Kane - Burned

Kane always looked so cool and badass walking down the ramp to this theme, ready to kick some ass and cause destruction

How's this song on no.29 this song should be on at least top 3 this is the greatest theme song of wwe of all time and Kane is also a legend and my favourite wrestler too

Kane is a tall and strong and sometimes want to set people on fire but I love him


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33 Triple H - King of Kings

Bow down to the king

Best song king is reyal king oniey one of one is tripal h

34 Dolph Ziggler - Here to Show the World

I want to download this song

The lone survivor at survivor series 2014 to authority hay good bye

I'm here to show the world

Dolph is a great WWE superstar

35 Goldberg Theme

Nice beat. Nice entrance. Perfect for a man like goldberg

He's thr man.and if you haven't figured that out you are Next!

36 Matt Hardy - Live for the Moment

When I here the opening, "OH, YEAH! " I know it means good times

Why isn't this higher this is better than most of the songs higher than this

I could slam a tornado

I love Matts Theme Song. Wish He Was Back

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37 Kofi Kingston - S O S

Amazing song I'm surprised its not in the top 10

Kofi is in my top 5 favorite wrestlers but the song just isn't that good

38 Shinsuke Nakamura - Shadows of a Setting Sun

Nakamura’s original theme was amazing but then this version just blew it out of the water - Wilson316

39 Vince McMahon - No Chance


40 Christian - At Last
41 Rey Mysterio - Booyaka

This is the best theme song ever I listen to it every day

Best song.. Should be in top 10...

Great song and he even sang it him self

My world best wrestler rey mysterio

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42 Randy Orton - Burn In My Light

Best song in the history of WWE/wwf, it just makes you feel epic and it should be first ahead of voices. legend killer forever.

Everybody forget that epic song because of 'Voices' :(

If only there were more legends for Randy to kill. :( I wish he could return with this theme and his old gimmick again...

Me to he is the best and if I had won thing to say it would be I love him and his themes.

This song was epic, I loved Randy’s legend killer theme

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43 Reverend Devon (D-Von Dudley) - Eyes of Righteousness
44 Shinsuke Nakamura - The Rising Sun

This is the best song

This song is so catchy! It is also perfect for Naka's personality.

Shoukd be much higher

45 Ryback - Meat On The Table

Good! Should be higher

As of today, the song has changed to "Meat on a Table", which makes it even better.

This a good theme put it higher

Feed me more

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46 Jack Swagger - Patriot

Push jack swagger

47 Gangrel - Blood

Gangrel, need I say more?

Good entrance... fire comes

48 Ezekiel Jackson - Nation of Domination

This here what you call Domination
It's a combination of skill and concentration
So rise to the occasion, do something amazing
Anythin I do, I dominate it.

49 Cody Rhodes - Smoke and Mirrors

You are star dust

50 Edge - Never Gonna Stop Me
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