Top Ten WWE Theme Songs

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61 The Usos - So Close Now

Usos are the best

Romen reigns is better

usos suck

We say you you say so...U... So...U... So

62 Roman Reigns - The Truth Reigns

As much as I hate Roman's gimmick now I like his theme

Roman reigns is a strong WWE superstar

One of the best instrumentals

Wwe roman reigns

V 26 Comments
63 Bret Hart - Hitman

Easily the best there is the best that was and the best there ever will be!

64 AJ Lee - Let's Light It Up

Really catchy, that's why I like it.

The Greatest Of All Time

You cheat on boys

65 D-Generation-X - Are You Ready? V 3 Comments
66 Lita - It Just Feels Right
67 Daniel Bryan - Flight of The Valkyries

Do I like your them song yes yes yes yes.

Do I like your yes yes yes thanks from India

Yes yes yes

I love you Daniel.Your a the top of the list.YESYesyesyesyesyes

68 Bobby Roode - Glorious Domination

Glorious! No I won't give in, I won't give in till I'm victorious!

It's a recent theme song in WWE - TisonRockit

Everyone loves this

The theme song is quite Glorious. :D - TisonRockit

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69 Booker T - Rap Sheet

Yours is the best

70 Sasha Banks - Sky's the Limit

Fits Sasha so perfectly. When I hear it, I really get pumped up. She sang the hook and did a great job.

I get goosebumps every time I listen to this song.

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71 Seth Rollins - The Second Coming

Seth rollins should get some respect from His theme song

Seth Rollins is still awesome

Better most than these

Awesome song is stuck in the Netherlands and I am ishaan your friend.

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72 Phenomenal - AJ Styles

Its just the current wwe best theme song when it sounds all the people stand on there feet as the phenomenal has come if you like him or though you don't like him

Just one word this song is phenomenal

73 MVP - I'm Coming
74 Sami Zayn - Worlds Apart

Sami Zayn is just perfect for this song. The crowd singing with his songs lets us know that he is over with the crowd and that he could potentially be a great champion

Everyone screams for his entrance I love it

Futer is Sami Zayn

75 Finn Bálor - Catch Your Breath

My favorite wrestler and my favorite theme

76 Sawft is a Sin - Enzo Amore

It gets me so pumped, and now they are in the finals for tag titles

V 3 Comments
77 Kurt Angle - Medal

Hard Rock version was best

V3 2006 was the best

78 Ted DiBiase - I Come For Money

I like Ted Dibiase's song because it's awesome.

To this is one of my favorites!

Great talent and theme

Great talent and song

79 Rey Mysterio - 619
80 Spirit Squad - Team Spirit

This song sucks

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