Top Ten Things That Need to Happen at WWE Wrestlemania 31

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Seth Rollins Cashes in His MiTB Contract

It happened, and it was the night I lost my voice for 5 days lol - KingSlayer93316

He might (or will) be walking out of Wrestlemania the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion - DK

Brock Lesnar Defeats Roman Reigns

So should happen, Roman Reings be missed so it does not become a John Cena and Seth Rollins makes effective the clause of contract making the stomp on the sidewalk on Brock Lesnar on top of a block, so Seth Rollins becomes new champion and Brock Lesnar says goodbye a couple of months

Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler
Bray Wyatt Defeats The Undertaker

That should not happen, the Wrestlemania would be a crap if this happen

Vince McMahon Returns

This guy has been very strong, who would say it

A Bloody Brawl Between the Rhodes Brothers

Indeed Goldust has better talent finishers but Cody Rhodes has proven not to be afraid of any kind of struggle and therefore must succeed in Wrestlemania

Dean Ambrose (with Jon Stewart) vs Seth Rollins

What has to do with this fight Jon Stewart

Rusev Defeats John Cena

This would be a SHOCKER if this happens at Wrestlemania - DK

Obviously Rusev defeated John Cena (hopefully it is for SUBMISSION) John Cena can not be the fighter that gives the count from 3 to Rusev, I'm sure and John Cena be champion US I think in December

Sami Zayn Wins the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

I wish - KingSlayer93316

NXT is Prominently Featured

Kevin Owens vs Finn Bálor for the NXT Championship at Wrestelamania, that would be an EPIC match - DK

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Jeff Hardy Comes Back
Triple H hits Sting in the face with a sledgehammer
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