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1Adam Gilchrist

I love when he does that ball clapping thing when ever he catches the ball. He will be dearly missed and I really just want him back on the team - munkee_linc97

I love you Gilly! and I think you truly deserve the top position for your hardwork! I love you and I am crazy about you!

Gilly is the best wikkie keeper of all time!

He is One of the best batsman in cricket history

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2Sir Donald Bradman

Not just the best Australian cricketer, but the best cricket in the world ever. Was so far ahead of everybody else it wasn't funny, and had he played today with today's bats and today's pitches he would have been amazingly good. Wish I could have seen him play live.

He's the best batsman cricket has ever demanded... It is nearly impossible to think about Australia without Bradman.

He's the Greatest player and always will be!

Unbeatable and unstoppable. He proved natural talent in his time. There was no equal that was heard about at the time of limited news coverages and media.

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3Ricky Ponting

Best pull shot I've ever seen. A superbly talented young cricketer, who went on to greatness. A truly great captain, with the highest respect from his team-mates. I've been watching cricket since the 1970's, and I am yet to see a better player than Punter.

It is good to be true legend like ponting he is the first best captain and very fantastic player even after a wicket he does never lose his wicket and he always try to work he fought with Sachin but no one else he himself handle the game without others need and takes fifty every match so the best player he is including captaincy

Why at no 4

Just greatest cricketer of all time, no words to explain

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4Glenn McGrath

Superb fast bowler. Accuracy and bounce made him a wicket taker in all conditions.

He has the most wickets for a fast bowler.I do not many better cricketers than him.

A magnificent fast bowler and without a doubt the most accurate and it was sad to see him retire in 2007 because he was sensational.

He is undoubtedly the best seamer Australia has ever got!

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5Shane Warne

Greatest player and cricket mind never to be full time captain. CA should be ashamed that they put his character above his cricket ability and brains

Shane is so cool that he could do 10 spinners in a row! I know because he is awesome. LIKE TOTALLY!

Shane W
arne is the master of cricket

Great player! I learned leg spin all because of him

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6Michael Hussey

He is the best batsmen ever. Deserves to be orange cap in season 6. I love him a lot and wish Australia best of luck for the next champions trophy which India will win. All the best India.

He plays with style and freely

I like him very much he is the best

Great cricketing personality

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7Michael Clarke

My best cricketer is michael clarke he is good captain. He is clever. He have big telant I love him

He's a great tactical captain, and has become the first player to ever score 4 double centuries in a calendar year.

Should be in politics not as a cricketer working along side with kevin Rudd

A good caption good player

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8Shane Watson

He is so danger player. I like it.

He is the best crickter and a all rounder in the whole world. I can't express my feelings in words.

No not at all there are so many better Aussies than Shane Watson!

Best all rounder

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9Steve Waugh

He is great no words awesome man

He was a wonderful cricket player and it was simply amazing watching him when he made his famous test century. Overall the greatest Australian cricketer ever to play our game.

He was simply amazing and was without a doubt the most gutsiest and it was a privilege to watch him make that famous hundred in 2003.

Really? Clarke and Watson above Steve Waugh?

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10Allan Border

An inspirational leader of the Australian cricketer and the most consistent without a shadow of doubt.

An inspirational leader for Australian cricket and he was awesome to watch.

No 4 in my Order of the greatest 12

No 4 in the all time team

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The Newcomers

?Damien Fleming

Very impressive death bowler.He had a short career but relished his chances and was always a decent fast bowler

?Brad Hogg

Great spin bowler.Supported Warne Lee and McGrath and did it well

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The Contenders

11Matthew Hayden

I thinks that Matthew Hayden is Best of all. Hats off to Sir Matthew. I love his attitude towards his nation. He was a pillar of Australian Cricket team.

He is absolute boss by scoring over 400 and getting a technique to play against spin after having troubles!

A tremendous striker of the ball, very strong and formed a sensational partnership with Justin Langer so a very good cricketer.

Awesome Player in the cricket history

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12Dennis Lillee

Incredible bowler, he had pace, consistency and the ability to hit the right lengths to get the best out. Should be higher on the list.

The best bowler had 9 slips

Lillee should be higher

No 9 in the All time team

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13Glenn Maxwell

Inconsistent at best, he might be a big hitter but without discipline he won't go very far. Blasting a quick 30 doesn't help the team out, he needs to slow his game out or he'll be stuck playing ODI's for the rest of his career.

Future hope for Australian team

Who is this guy? How many test centuries does he have

My favourite and the best match winner

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14Mitchell Starc

He is the best fast bowler of the new generation

Super super bowler in the world my favourite bowler

He show offs a lot

He is the best

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15Greg Chappell

In what universe would Shane watson and Glenn maxwell be ranked this high? This list's an absolute joke, what's the average age of voters? Like 12? I'd like to see some of these modern players face the West Indies of the 70's and 80's with very little protective equipment. Before you vote/comment do some research...

He was very much the stylist, very upright, always would build his innings on the Greg Chappell V and had an excellent technique, simply amazing.

Chappell should be higher

16Steve Smith

He is one of the finest players of Australia and has a lot of skills. Many legends across the world are of the opinion that he is a very talented young player who makes very less mistakes.

I like him. He is my best cricketer player of Australia. WHEN I OPEN television I first see star sports of Australia cricket. He play best in IPL too in India

Great batsmen

I love him.I pray he will play more

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17Mitchell Johnson

A bowler with "X" Factor, and that is coming from an Englishman

I think he will become a woman in the future (like bruce jenner)

18Andrew Symonds

Yep makes up the team at 12th

19Justin Langer
20David Boon

Number 1 in all time time though debate raging over Hadden filling this spot... Boon has it so far!

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