Top 10 Batsmen of All Time (Cricket)

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The Top Ten

Sachin Tendulkar
Tendulkar is best because he has achieved many things against the greatest bowlers in the world in his era.

Whereas bradman is mediocre because if you see ICC best bowler during his time there is no single best bowler alive on his time, all were batsman and fielding was sloppy not a world class like of today's.

When bradman played his last test with huge expectation to score only 4 runs to make his average 100, he went out for 0 runs only. On the other hand sachin has been carrying burden of billion people's and their expectation over many years along with the success to fulfill those expectations including World Cup.

He is the lord of cricket he hit a double century in the history of cricket in odi he is the champion who made India win the icc cup
Tendulkar is the god of world cricket. Mainly, he got double hundred in odi against sa and also had the most number of records
[Newest]I'm big fan of yours
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2Sir Donald Bradman
He the best full stop. 99.94 average at any time is still good. No come close.
If you are talking about the best batsman of all-time that is Sir Don Bradman. Granted, he played in an
Era where there were fewer team than there is today... But Bradman played in an era where they played on uncovered pitches. Let's not forget the fact that players like Bradman had there careers interrupted by the Second World War. It was some time before their careers resumed.

Bradman was known for his dedication to perfecting his skills, such the famous batting the golf ball up against the wall with a stump to sharpen his hand-eye coordination.

Bradman held a lot of batting records, such as the most double centuries and the highest score in test cricket for many years before some of these records were eventually broken. However, he still holds the record for the highest average in test cricket history. A record that many experts believe will never be broken.

When Bradman retired from test cricket in 1948 he had scored 6,996 runs in 52 tests with 29 centuries and 13 fifties at a staggering average of 99.94!
Bradman is easily the best. Averaged 99.94 over about a 20 year period! No one else comes close. If someone came along in 40 years and played almost 4 times more test cricket than Tendulkar has and made a lot more runs than him, because he played so much more, but averaged only a little over half what Tendulkar has averaged (say 30), would we say he was better than Tendulkar? I'd suggest "hell no".

It's the same as for Bradman v Tendulkar.

Averages tell the full story. Bradman averaged what, probably at least double what the next best in the world of his time averaged. Tendulkar doesn't even have a batting average as high as Jaques Kallis, who has also taken 271 test wickets, despite Sachin playing on batting roads in the sub continent all the time.

Tendulkar has also made 8 test centuries (including at least two 200+ not outs) against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe and Bradman never got to play against such inferior opposition. (63 of Bradman's 80 test innings were against England and he scored 19 centuries against them, with his other test centuries being against Sth Africa, India and the West Indies. In fact he reportedly scored 10 centuries against those other 3, and if he played only 17 innings against teams other than England, that means he scored 10 centuries in a maximum of 17 innings against Sth Africa, India and the West Indies! ).

Given the fact it's debatable whether Tendulkar is even better than some of those in his own time, like Lara, Kallis and Ponting (pre-slump) it's laughable to suggest he's better than Bradman, who was eons better then anyone of his time. If Tendulkar was averaging about double what the next best of his time was averaging, then we could debate whether he was better than Bradman, but he doesn't even have the best current average, let alone double it!
Not sure if it's been mentioned, but if Bradman had batted in as many innings as Tendulkar and maintained his career average (99.94) he would have made over 30,000 runs. Tendulkar has made less than 16,000. Silly debate.
[Newest]Sir Don Bradman Is batter than Sachin Tendulkar
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3Brian Lara
Help I don't understand! How is he below umar akmal?
He is pure class of a batsman absolutely no one will never bat like him not even Sachin and that is a fact. He is just superb! The best of all times in the history of cricket!
This is the best ever Batsman in the world. Everyone after him has tried to emulate him. Great Cricketer. West Indians are the best.
[Newest]He is the best... Breaking a world record twice... 501 runs come on who else can do these wonders
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4Ricky Ponting
HE is the best captain of Australia RICKY PONTING more centuries in test and
Odi cricket than any other Australian in test he can scored 39 centuries
In odi he can scored 30 centuries
Ricky Ponting has probably been the best captain for Australia and likely the world he has world cup once and is great bats men
The best class player in the world... He is the best batsmen of all time... You rock Ponting... Now you will be the best batsmen of all time... Compare the matches between tendulkar and ponting... Ponting is way ahead when tendulkar was in ponting's place..
[Newest]You are a king of cricket
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5Rahul Dravid
The wall stands tall even at the age of 38. He has been called up up by the national team for odi's and t20. He didn't get opportunity since the last 4 years. He has scored more than 12000 runs in test cricket at an average of 54.58. Whenever he has made his century, India has won. Only in two occasions he has been unsuccessful.
The Wall is great!
He should be at the first position. People please vote for Rahul Dravid. We need to spread the message.
He is great. He is the last classical batsmen. He is a stroke maker an artist in one, he is the wall in good form you can call him to bat for your life
[Newest]Yes dhoni is best
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6Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Will be number 1 in an other 5 years! Great batsman! Adjusts his body so well for a ball!
His average is 51.5!
He is only greatest world player because he is winner of t20 world cup and 2011 icc cricket world cup. He is very good captain and wicketkiper of cricket world. He beat six in icc world cup to win this icc world cup.
love you dhoni
Brilliant captain... Uses his mind... Even if he fails with bat, he makes up by his captaincy...
[Newest]Best player in the world
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7Jacques Kallis
He is a batting great and a world class bowler - the greatest all rounder of all time
because I think he have the ability to high class batting performance.
Apart from perhaps the almost unseen Barry Richards, Kallis would be South Africa's greatest ever batsman having scored over 9,700 test runs at an average of 55.46.
[Newest]Too sad that he retired.

8Virender Sehwag
Virender sehwag is the best in cricket history and holds the fastest record triple century in tests
Not only holds the record of fastest triple record, he scored it twice :2


Blaster player in world cricket no one can plays like virendra sehwag he truly rocks... Most dangerous player forever in cricket history... He will be in top 3
He does not understand the word good ball bez. Every ball for him is for hitting. Best jat batsmen ever seen
[Newest]My god my lord sehwag
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9Virat Kohli
He is the future hope for India and he is the most consistent batsman


He is very consistent. He has very massive chance to beat Tendulkar's Records especially he has more average than sachin


He is one who can replace sachin
He is the future of Indian cricket
He is the only person to score century against eng this time in odi
I just don't understand what you are saying, how can just a century justify him to be at the top of the list. I agree with you on the statement that he is the future of Indian cricket but he still can't beat 'The God Of The Cricket'.


[Newest]He is my favourite cricket player

10Vivian Richards
Unlike Sachin Tendulkar Vivian could win test series. He captained 50 tests and never lost a test series. At Home or Away, he was unstoppable. He scored 100 first class test century's
I personally thinks that Vivian Richard was the best batsman. He played very well and was on top of all the bowlers particularly the fast bowlers, He was very talented batsman. Crowd enjoyed very much with his play all around the world. After his retirement in early 90's West Indies never went back like before. And I don't think they will ever find a batsman like him.
[Newest]He should be at 3 kohli is a ugly cricketer

The Contenders

11AB de Villiers
Great south african batsman with a lot of power and control
He is very famous in hitting back shots. He is a dangerous batsman and there is no doubt about him.
Best batsman ever and should be at number 1. If you see the shots of ab you"ll find nobody is as classic as he. He can play more shots then any other guy in the field and is South Africa's ultimate batsman.
[Newest]He is super batsman
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12Sourav Ganguly
Dada rocks... No one could match him... What a great personality... What a great captain... Simply spellbound... India's best left handed batsman..
He is a legendary batsmen and god of offside shots... And great captain...
Dada rocks... He built the India team so called men in blue... Aggressive captain ever produced... And god of off side...
[Newest]I want to dada is no 3nd batsman of the world...
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13Sir Garfield Sobers
Unreal talent. Over 8000 runs at 57.78. Held the record of highest individual test score (365) for many years.
Another amazing batsman, enough said.
This outstanding cricketer should be second only to Don Bradman. His 8000 runs came in 98 Test Matches. All of the batsmen above him have played in the region of 130 - 150 tests. This man is the greatest ever cricketer to grace the game.


[Newest]He is the best

14Kumar Sangakkara
Sanga is better than others who appear in the list.. He should be in top three..
He surely belongs to the top 10 minimum. He is one of the best batsmen ever. He deserves to be higher
Sanga is better than others. He should have 3rd place
[Newest]He is the best!

15Chris Gayle
He is just g force
He was the first to score a century in t20 world cup
He was the first to score 2 centuries in ipl
He just is the strongest of all
He is the greatest hitter in the would and he should be moved up that table he is fear him and don't want to see him
He is the dangerous player and can handle the situation very nicely.
There is no chance of fielding the bullet shots of Gayle.
[Newest]No body can stop him
He is like a cyclone
No body can swim across him
No chance to fielding the bullet shots of Gayle

16Adam Gilchrist
Gilly is the greatest wicket-keeper-batsmen in the history of cricket. Gilly is the only player to have hit 100 sixes in Test, 3 consecutive half centuries in final of world cup &Most successful keeper in ODI. He is better keeper batsmen than MS Dhoni, sangakara.
He should be placed in top 10. His record in world cup was wonderful. 3 consecutive half centuries in final. Who can achieve this feat.
I think that adam desrves a better position than this. He must be in top 10. He is a great batsman and a great sportsperson too. He is the gratest wicket keeper of all time and a very dangerous batsman of his time. And also now, he is playing in the ipl. He is a player of big matches.
[Newest]Well he might could not best with the bat, but Gilly is the GOD OF WICKET-KEEPERS. Should be among at least top 15.

17Sunil Gavaskar
Played for one of the weakest teams in cricket, against some of the best bowlers the game has ever seen (Lille, the West Indies speedsters, etc. ). Still has one of the best records in the game. Technical mastery is unquestioned. Considered by many batsmen to be the best, including the Don.
I think sunil gavaskar is the best batsmen of all age
This guy played in an era where there were no restrictions for bowlers. Today Tendulkar has the safety of bowlers being restricted to one bouncer an over. This is so unfair when you tell a bowler that he cannot bounce at a batsmen like Tendulkar more than once. It's like telling Sanath Jayasuriya that he can't come forward and hit the ball more than once in an over. Due to this rule cricket has become a batsmen s game and it's not going to help the bowlers. For this reason I feel guy's like Gavaskar, Richards and Miandad should be placed right on top.
[Newest]The best I have seen since my childhood

18Javed Miandad
Very good batsmen in cricket all time and brave fighter player in cricket cricket hart javed miandad
I heard he's amazing. Not from my time, but the sixer he hit with the last ball against India was AMAZING. He's the best batsman.
he has shot a six in the lost ball in a match with india he is a hero
[Newest]Best batsman in the world

19Kevin Pietersen
He is probably England's best ODI players of all time. Good short career KP.


He got the power in the hand to strike the ball over the boundary


The most talented batsman to play the game, Only if he had a bit patience.
[Newest]A very good batsmen

20Umar Akmal
I think he is a really talented player, cricket players always have ups and downs in their careers. Also Pakistan needs to use Umar Akmal properly, at no3.
Umer Akmel your best batsman for ever you are a star of Pakistan you have to create a enough score that no one beat this score all pakistani have a wishes from you that you can create a name of Pakistan forever All pakistanis were love you
Umar Akmal is a fearless batsman and he can change the game and turn around the match in the favor for his country but, he must also learn how to play with a good temprament and how to play controlled shots otherwise, he can be the best modern batsman in the current world.
[Newest]Yeah he is full of talent
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