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Awesome for survival and creative. The first thing you see is a big open space that can be used to build a massive house. There is an ocean to fish in next to you. A forest is ahead and to the left. A mountain range is ahead and to the right.

Pretty cool Seed,there's a lot of trees around.
Good seed for survival

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There was nothing but crappy sand and no village you really should make a better website

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It's good for hiding in a village it has a awesome view

It's cool u spawn in a village next to a cool sand area try it out!

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Lots of sand and wood it sucks but once u play u find a lot of cool things.

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2582090V1 Comment
26Cool SeedV2 Comments
27Good Game Dolphins

That didn't work I spawned in the middle of know where got any tips

If you just go straigt you will find a village with a end portal stronghold this is secret

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I tried this but there is no blacksmith and it is actually pretty small in size

This seed is great, but 1235045255 has a six villages all in one.

Wow yes the seed1235045255 works this is awesome!

1235045255 does have 6 six villages!

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29WifiV1 Comment

Nice world I have not found the cave yet but there is a cool village.

.You will spawn on a tree in a rainforest,than look for a long cave that goes for miles above ground edventuly the cave will drop REALLY far down. Go to the bottum and you will find redstone (ton's of it! ), lapiz,gold, dimond (not a lot.)Honestly, this is a REALLY good world for survival.

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33Johnny Appleseed

I know this seed is going to give you three villages in one but it only spawned me in a pot of lava I wonder if it does that because I was at low battery


Pretty nice u have a lot of room to build a house and u spawn by a river

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35Love Creepers

Look for a little hut and then go straight behind it and you will run into a tiny island and start to dig down and you will run into loads of caves with loads loads of iron and diamond with some emerald

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U spawn in an open space and there is a desert temple. And it also has a huge hill. Hope you enjoy!

I found this small cave a long way off and it had some iron

I found the temple but it was empty and lame

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39It's a GoV2 Comments
40Its a Me
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