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He can't be defeated. Have you seen them combos?

He is amazing at pvp!

204MysticVoltV1 Comment

Just see his Videos. They are unbelievable.

Fazon is a god he almost wins every single survival games and he has even beat schmockyyy once before and its like HACKING win he fishing rod combos you

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Not bad at pvp.He won 3 Cube UHCs.(One of them as a new participant).He should be in top 20 at least for his skills.

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Fastest clicker very good at getting combos should be number 19

He is amazing and in my opinion he should be nr 1 and he clicks so fast and no cheating! That is AMAZING

Lurifaxey pvpz is a amazing pvper is is the block hit god even when he is block hiting you he can still get god combos on you

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He's the best if you watch his skywars or birdges you'll now that the only down side is that he becomes tense when in battle

He is super good at pvp he can own every one in skywars and bridges and he has alots of friend

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I know LandonMC is good at PVP He managed to beat 2 hackers on micro battles and get a quadruple kill.

LandonMC is awesome! He is quite good at pvp and should be at least in the top 20.

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210FearlessPvPV4 Comments

Very good player with good Strafe skills. And good Bow aim. He is very very good at survival Games

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Fins actually pretty decent at pvp I think he should be in the top 60


I just voted for her because I'm bored


He is a god I almost beat him and I'm a I'm a god

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215CxrlyV3 Comments
216uoshi to mario
217Team Business

We will fight anybody who disagrees that we are the best pvpers. add luketho3 on skype and fight us

Team Business Based God. Beat Bajan Canadian in every battledome. Get out my face fool.

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Oh. Your to kind. - aarond09

220BudokkanV1 Comment
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