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341 adamchenblast23
342 alearbu
343 Sound74 V 1 Comment
344 nickalaniz3
345 RabidRabbit30
346 rackmc100

He is the BEST around. Nothings ever gonna keep him down. He is the best around.

He make YouTube videos and stuff...

He is still very good at the game. He is super very good

V 2 Comments
347 JBS0613
348 Xyrin

He's pretty god god pvp

349 JoeyGraceffa

This kid sucks at pvp I could beat him

He's not the best but he's a tiny bit good

V 1 Comment
350 DracoSkull
351 Eldnick
352 CIPato
353 Pasalecqua

Pasalecqu is the #1 pvper. He's better than all the others, and should be on the best team. He's gonna make it to the top!

V 2 Comments
354 riley9989
355 Theta_

Theta_ is one of the most underrated pvpers. He's skillful with a bow, he's a intelligent tactician, and he's amazing at leading teams and creating strategies.

He definitely is not the best at PVP, but he definitely is in the top 100.

356 Cyclones59
357 Obey_The_Fro
358 Excalllibur
359 PilotPinguin
360 Blackwolf7799

Vouch, this guys good

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