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1Sanaya Irani

Sanaya is the most amazing actress ever she has the best face emotion ever her smile killing me love her so much I hope she will make a film and be a Bollywood actress

Sanaya Irani you are the queen of acting we vote and proud of you

She is such an amazing and adorable person & so gorgeous

Sanaya the best

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2Katrina Kaif

Katrina kaif is best in bollywood today 2013
Katrina should not be compared to priyanka or kareena because they have been in this industry for more longer than her
If katrina is to be compared to deepika or sonam then she wins all they way
Katrina does not have the best acting skills but she is getting better, every movie of katrina has been a big hit regardless of her acting skills
She is the most glamourise, other actresses cake themselves but katrina stays very elegant.
For those of you who think priyanka is talented, you guys need to look at it realistically priyanka has done more movies than katrina but not even half of them have been a hit they have all been below average, so I don't c how she is talented. If priyanka was talented and the best then she would be working with Hollywood but because her acting skills are poor and she overreacts its never gonna happen so she can dream on about becoming part of America. She can never be american cause her style and ...more

Katrina Kaif is very HERSELF and she keeps it simple and that what makes her even more glamorous that the others. She has a stunning body and a magnificent figure that reflects a tenderness and charm. The fact that she has won India's most beautiful for several times and the sexiest and the most beautiful woman in the world for five consecutive yeas that proves how much she is loved. She has a very large popularity nationally and internationally. In terms of movies, she is the only actress to attend the 500 crore club in Bollywood and almost all of her films are super hits at the box office. In addition she has a really amazing and fabulous dancing skills at the point that she has been considered as the top one dancer among her rivals. She he's a unique and very special charm that can captivate our heart and soul.

She has a gorgeous face and nice smile! She is beautiful! Most beautiful in Bollywood!

Kat is the most beautiful women of today. No one can take her place.

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3Aishwarya Rai

Oh come on not katrina is number one. I mean just look at kat she ain't beautiful at all she has so much like a masculine figure but aish has a good figure as well as a beautiful face. She is so perfect that not only the bollywood but hollywood actors and actresses die at her beauty. That's why she was given the title of most beautiful woman in the world which none of the bollywood actresses have got. So thumbs down to katrina. Even I have noticed kat trying to copy aish so that she gets into hollywood but you know what if she was that talented and beautiful then Hollywood would have invited her but no she can't beat aish because whenever you think of beauty you think of aishwarya. Even the top legenda of both bollywood and Hollywood have appreciated her. So no matter what you do aish wins. She has created a great record in the film industries.

Ash is the number1 heroine of Bollywood

All ladies in b-town are beautiful but aishwarya is the most normal looking beauty that is why she is called the most beautiful face unlike katrina with long face, kareena with masculine jawline, deepika only her eyes are special, Madhuri only smile is good, priyanka not good..

Oh come on katrina is not first but aishwarya is perfect

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4Deepika Padukone

She must be number 1 or at least 2 in most beautiful actress list. Deepika is very hot, sexy, cute and dusky. She is certainly more beautiful than all most all of the above actress if not all. She is tall, slim and her skin tone is bronze. She is a perfect Indian Actress

She is the most talented and the most beautiful actress in bollywood she should become number 1 in this list.though she is a new comer to bollywood. She is the most successful actress.

She s awesome.. Love her style n attitude.. Waiting 4 her chennai express

I love you so mutch, you are the most beautiful actress

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5Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri dixit is the queen of beautiful there is nothing as her

Once and forever she's top in Bollywood. Just absurbe her expressions you all will go crazy. See her dance you all will be in the heaven

She's the Dhak Dhak Girl, The Lady With A Million Dollar Smile, The Dancing Diva, The Queen Of Hearts & The Hearthrob Of The Nation... !

She is made for sex

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6Kareena Kapoor

Awesome actress. Has tasted succes after her unhealthy Bollywood debut - vivekmalik

Kareena kapoor sexy and beautiful katrina is not good she always sleep

Kareena kapoor is a stunning actress. Her style, her beauty, the way she carries herself; everything is just so awesome about her. Bebo, we love you..

Kareena is the best

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7Priyanka Chopra

No one can even touch touch her finger nails... Because she is so talented... And gorgeous... I am not saying bad to others I like kareena, katrina. Madhuri I am fond of all but I can't compare priyanka to any others because she is so... Perfect in each and every field and now after the success of her singing career I don't think her as an ordinary woman... Hats off to you priyanka chopra..

Famous for her naughty lips. Also said to be look alike of angelia jolie many times - vivekmalik

Priyanka is gorgeous, beautiful and her her smile is very sweet... She is one of the most talented actress in Bollywood

She shouldn't be on this list. She is hideous. - VictoriaJusticeFan

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8Sonali Bendre

When she wears traditional indian dresses, no one can beat her beauty. She also has a lovely smile.

Probably the most beautiful ever.

Most cute face of the bollywood

She's pretty, but not a great actress. - VictoriaJusticeFan

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I love how she doesn't go too much into beauty and stays natural. - VictoriaJusticeFan

Kajol is best actress and she is so beauty she has a nice smile and amazing eyes

She is one of the best actress in Bollywood so I like most

She is one of the nicest Bollywood actresses

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10Divya Bharti

Divya bharti was most beautiful actress in Bollywood.. Her smile, her eyes are all time favourite..

Words cannot Describe Divya Bharti, she was an angel! Unmatched beauty! Hands Down!

Divya is the most beautiful talented actress in the Bollywood looks like a angle miss you and love you forever

Best beautiful actress in the world.

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One of those rare beauties who can hold you spellbound across the ages and transcend time

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Don't insult the Bollywood industry by keeping Madhubala at the 9th position. I guess most of the voters have no form of connection with the vintage Bollywood days. Madhubala beats everyone all day long in terms of look.

She is the most beautiful woman in the world how can katrina be number 1? No one, including aishwarya and madhuri can beat her.

Just can't beat her. No Katrina no Aishwarya. Even Madhuri can't beat her.

Madhubala has a real beauty, her smile is so beautiful

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13Juhi Chawla

She's the world's most beautiful, talented and cutest actress of all time... My queen!

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14Hema Malini

Hema is often seen in kanjivaram saris which look classy and good on her. Its traditional fashion apparels provide elegant, graceful and stylish look which seems to be her style statement. - vivekmalik

Most beautiful actress and a good dancer with her acting skill

Beautiful beyond compare, mesmerizing eyes and amazing screen presence

She is ever green beauty

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15Preity Zinta

A very very lovely actress if it can be I wanna go on a date with her

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She's very sweet, nice and most talented actress. Also good person to her family.

Maybe she is not the best actress but she is the most beautiful Indian I have ever seen

Asin is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen

Most beautiful woman after ash

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17Sonam Kapoor

She should have been number 1 very cute I just love her

I happen to think she is gorgeous

She luks good in western as well as in traditional outfits.. She has a cute smile... Sonam is sweet

Needs to be higher than this

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18Anushka Sharma

Anushka the pure hot babe... My favorite bollywood actress.. She is very gorgeous and pretty.. I love her so much.. Most beautiful bollywood actress of recent time...

5'9"tall, slim and super sexy body, flawless skin and beautiful hair. No matter she is the most popular icon in health. She was brilliant in her childhood days. She was a glam model and vivacious actress in B-Town

The best skin, slim, hair and talents (like me ). Anushka is my top modle and actress. No one can be more sexier than her. she is brilliant. My Boyfriend wants to kiss her and open her shirt

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19Diya Mirza

Not known to many in Bollywood but has a cute face making every1 to admit she is the cutest - vivekmalik

She is very gorgious in terms of look and killer smile she is simply the best

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20Yami Gautam

A lovely girl with her cheecks on ican die. Literally die hardfan of her face

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