Most Charming Actors of Tamil Cinema


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Ajith Kumar
Ajith Sir has always been an amazing human being. Other actors would have had support in the film industry. But we "fans" are always there to support him and encourage him for what ever he does. We love him and we will always be there for him :-)

2Gemini Ganesan


4Kamal Haasan
He is the greatest allrounder in Indian film industry and has more cinema knowledge than anyone else in India
Kamal is the most handsome and charming person in kollywood

Surya is the best actor ever I have seen in Tamil cinema. I think he should get the first place
Obviously he is the best not only in Tamil cinema but also in India.
Surya is the best

6Nandha Durairaj
Nandha Durairaj is honestly my favourite Tamil actor ever. He so handsome, and masculine and he has this electric charm about him. As soon as I see him, by body is filled with butterflies, he is that masculine. Unlike other Tamil actors, Nandha, actually has fantastic expression in his acting. He is so bold and is always trying out new roles in his acting, which makes it even more sure that he the best actor ever. Because the whole job about being an actor is to be able to act out completely different characters and give your audience something to look forward to. All of Nandha's movies are different, and all of them display what an amazing, brilliant actor Nandha is.

Coming back to his looks, oh my god, he is literally the most good looking man ever. With his sharp nose, charming eyes, wheatish skin, thick black hair, six pack and biceps, it just unbearable for me and I honestly want to marry him so bad. Not only his Nandha good looking, his voice itself makes me blush, it's so adorable and masculine and cute and just love it. He looks good in any sort of clothes and any sort of character. My favourite roles Nandha has played are in Eeram, Vellore Mavattam and Pudhiya Thirrupangal.. But before all of that, I fell in love with Nandha in his first movie Punnagai Poove, he was so cute and the ultimate hot guy, I would have and still want to date. He his such a heartthrob. And I melt ever time I see him. Other movies of Nandha are Mounam Pesiyade, Aaaniveer, Selvam, Kodambakkam and Anandapurathu Veedu. His latest films to be released this year are Athithi and Villangam! Nandha is the best, most masculine, most handsome, most cute, most talented, most lovely, most charming man and actor ever!


Actor Nandha is the most charming actor in the Tamil industry and in the whole world! He has sharp eyes, wheatish skin, curly black shiny hair and masculine physique! Love him so much!


Very Handsome and Charming!




9Arvind Swamy


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His face cut and physical structure is a medal for his personality. He looks hot and gives a chocolate boy feel the more close you watch him
He is the best actor in the whole wide world... Nobody can challenge him... He is the next M.G.R... Plus can anyone dace as awesome as he does accept for lawrence and prabhu deva..


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