Most Charming Actors of Tamil Cinema


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1Kamal HaasanKamal Haasan is an Indian film actor, screenwriter, director, producer, playback singer, choreographer, lyricist, philanthropist and dancer who works primarily in the Tamil film industry.

He is the greatest allrounder in Indian film industry and has more cinema knowledge than anyone else in India

Kamal is the all-rounder. He is the best. He is not only good in Tamil field but also in Malayalam,telugu,kannada and Hindi. He is the most versatile actor.He did both commercial and critically acclaimed movies. He is the proud of Indian cinema.

Kamal is the only one actor in Indian cinema who has acted sucessfully in all characters without giving much importance to his indentity of his status in cinemas. He has acted in positive, negative, comedian, evenue as a mentally challenged roles which. No one can match his talents in world cinema,

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2Ajith Kumar

Ajith Sir has always been an amazing human being. Other actors would have had support in the film industry. But we "fans" are always there to support him and encourage him for what ever he does. We love him and we will always be there for him :-)

A man with great charisma and has a majestic look too

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3Gemini Ganesan
6Arvind Swamy

Surya is the best actor ever I have seen in Tamil cinema. I think he should get the first place

Obviously he is the best not only in Tamil cinema but also in India.

I think he is the world champion of acting

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His face cut and physical structure is a medal for his personality. He looks hot and gives a chocolate boy feel the more close you watch him

He is the best actor in the whole wide world... Nobody can challenge him... He is the next M.G.R... Plus can anyone dace as awesome as he does accept for lawrence and prabhu deva..

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10RajinikanthV1 Comment

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11MadhavanV1 Comment
12Nandha Durairaj
13Jeyam RaviV1 Comment
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