Best Names for Future Sega Consoles

Here are names to come up with for Sega consoles! These Consoles will have great graphics! There are ideas for the 9th generation! It will be 1,024 bit!

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1Sega Neptune

Sega cancelled this console but they should use his name for their next console! - Danteem

2Sega Jupiter

There's a fan made logo of the name Sega Jupiter! - Danteem

3Sega Uranus

There's a fan made picture with the Sega Logo on Uranus! - Danteem

4Sega Pluto

Cool idea for a name! - Danteem

5Sega Earth

The console gets name after our planet! - Danteem

6Sega Mars

The Red planet gets a Sega name! - Danteem

7Sega Mercury

The closest planet of he sun! - Danteem

8Sega Venus

The hottest planet on the solar system! - Danteem

9Sega Moon

The Sega logo gets moon letters! - Danteem

10Sega Galaxy

The Contenders

11Sega Sun

Sounds kinda awesome to me. The SEGA Sun. Coming soon to stores near you. It got a ring to it. - Chaotixhero

12Sega Space Station
13Segata Sanshiro
14Sega Revival
15Sega Universe
16Sega Helios
17Sega Dreamcast 2
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