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1L for Leeeeee x

Lee carson is a sick twisted pervert he steals womens pants plus he wears Michael jackson gloves

Well said I'm glad somebody else knows about the little sick pervert

Word on the street lee carson is getting a pair of granny pants for xmas he'll be well chuffed!

AHEM. He is a pervert who steals woman's panties and does sexual things in them. Oh, and his videos were terrible anyway.

I want to play with you I'm your number 1fan ever I have your username

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Squid is beast! He is amazing, and great at building. Generally he is just really funny and good to watch

Their quests and adventure maps are hilarious

Squid is my favorite! He's really funny and when he makes those funny noises it makes me laugh.

Love you squid I want to play with you please

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Hi amy lee I am want see what are you doing and have a blast

Love you my friend play with you to

I love how every morning in Minecraft she gives Stampy a Lovely Jubbely Love Love Petal

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An awesome dude to play adventure maps with

! "! Because he's an awesome dude and cool

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5Squashy Quack

Really sweet and she ad Stamps make a great team!

50 50 on this one she replaced lee bear

She doesn't have the skin she wants but I do

I watch your video

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6Crimson Azoth

He was in his first video really good mates with him

He haven't been in his videos in a long time, actually.

He good but he has girl looking hair in Minecraft

Crimson is the first so he deserves to be voted

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7SupergirlygamerV1 Comment
8ChooChoosGamingV8 Comments

Another great Minecraft helper. - RapidWolf

Rosie penguins are the best animals ever aren't they

She is nice and makes stampy have a lot of fun # I love penguins to

Penguins rule

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10Little Kelly

You are really pretty little Kelly

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Cool guy because he loves Steve

Recently being dressed up as hit the target! Don't believe me look it up / which Minecraft helper is hit the target

Ank is funny because on ep 233 I saw him jumping up and down on the Vertigo and fell the ground to hard

Correction ank the target

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12William Beaver

I like beavers and William Beaver joins him most videos this year and is very funny with fizzy elephant

I like how William Bea ear took over the cave and wears variety of clothes every episode

If I was one of stamps helper I would like to live next to William beaver and be a hippo

He's becoming in most of the videos

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Basically iballisticsquid but the squid account got hacked so this is his account now

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14Little Carly

I love your videos little Carly


Why dose he always cry even when he wins a mini game he cry's chess

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16Drhickmanzx Connor

He is to be the best helper in the world.

All I can read is this name is wired

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17Netty PlaysV5 Comments
18Hit the Target

Hi hit the target stop stealing stamps dogs would you like if he did it to you you big bully

Hit the Target was nice but now he isn't

Hit the target is probably not evil.

He is balls! Balls

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19Epic Big C

Loves to build and play games she has amazing sportsmanship

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FearADubh has been mates with iBallisticSquid in a LOAD of videos

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1. L for Leeeeee x
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1. L for Leeeeee x
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