Top Ten Absurd Things to Get On Halloween Instead of Candy

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1 A Rock

Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy did get a rock for Halloween instead of candy in one episode, though.

Poor Charlie Brown

2 Drugs

If I got this I would call the cops outside the house where it came from and show the cops everything they need to know C:

Who would ever do that!?

And you go psycho

3 Illegal Fireworks

Their legal in my state:),maybe I can invite chaotix and positron wildhawk to the party,because they also live in my state

Let's have a Halloween party!

4 Dynamite

That is, unless it's a candy brand named Dynamite, though it would still be absurd to receive dynamite on Halloween.

There is a candy brand named Dynamite

5 SpongeBob

If it's a SpongeBob-themed candy such as a gummy Krabby Patty, I wouldn't mind getting it on Halloween.

I like SpongeBob.

6 A Gun

There was a kid who showed up at my house who had a little golden toy gun in his trick-or-treating bucket. Wow, I don't know what kinds of stuff people give out on Halloween these days.

Oh boy! You better run better run, faster then my bullet

And shoot the guy

7 Marriage Proposal
8 A Secret Government Project

Now I'm curious…

bounty hunter

9 Toothbrush

We've all had that one obnoxious neighbor. - Rapsody

10 A Venomous Reptile
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11 A Tiny Alien

When u mom come home and make eth spagheti

12 Bullet to the Brain

Maybe they will give you the bulletkin skin in fall guys instead

13 A Slap Across The Face

If they think this is a trick they are seriously retarded.

Damn! That's very harsh.

14 A Miley Cyrus Statue
15 This List

We got this list four days too early.

You're on the Halloween list

16 An expensive bill
17 A Lamborghini

I would actually want this, since the lamorghini is one of my favorite and on eof the best looking cars.

18 Cough Drops

There was this type of cherry flavored cough drops that I liked better than any candy.

19 Justin Bieber Justin Drew Bieber (born March 1, 1994) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada and is Christian. He is the son of author Pattie Mallette. more.

Don't be silly, more likely a Justin Bieber doll than him.

Me: -opens candy bag- How the heck did this get in here?

How the heck can u get this for halloween

Not another joke!

20 Empty wrappers with no candy inside
21 Tide Pods
22 Cigarettes
23 Pencils

There are too many people who do this. You're supposed to get candy for Halloween not school suplies.

24 Dora Figure

Whoever came up with this one is funny

25 A can of soda

I heard MINIATURE soda cans are offered on Halloween theses days.

Some of my neighbors give me soda for Halloween.

I'd also like that for Halloween!

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