Worst Things that Could Happen to You in Among Us

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1 The person who you suspected kills you

I hate when this happens, I suspect someone, nobody believes me, then I get killed by that person.

So aggravating

lol happens all the time.

yeah. happens to me a lot

2 People say you vent when you’re not even impostor

Someone said I vented when I wasn't even an impostor, Long story short The person who accused me got voted out.

"I wasn't venting, the vents just needed some cleaning."

this happened to me once, the voting ended up in a tie of me vs someone else... I think

Worst part is; You can’t escape from it. Once someone says that you “vented”, everyone believes them.

3 Someone calls emergency meeting in the first second of the game.

One time Pink called an emergency meeting and he was annoying. He just kept saying gibberish stuff like I'd zkbhmpav or liu hciLV c, so we voted him out.

and then they say something random like "I need to poop" I'm not kidding someone did that twice and I wanted to vote him out so I couldn't hear him

For no reason too. You do realise you only have a limited amount of emergency meetings?

4 Getting tasks in electrical

Ah yes, electrical aka the most dangerous place ever created. The chance of finding the imposter and not coming out alive is 99.9%. If you have all 4 tasks in there well you've messed up!

I always get tasks in electrical.

Good luck! You’ll really need it...

NEVER go to electrical with purple!

5 When someone ignores your dead body

this happened to me once:

Me: *dies*
Other person (I forgot number): *comes into room*
Same person: ignores body*
Me: why did you do that come back I'm right here
Other person from before: *dies*
Me: why did you walk past my body
Other person: you're a girl.

so annoying

there was this one dude today where he was he running back and forth around my body then he called a meeting and said there a dead body in weapons so they voted him out because he didn't report

I ignore dead bodys because I'm scared to be ejected.even when I am crewmate

6 People call you sus when you’re doing tasks

I noramlly say "can someone watch me do trash/ scan" but when I don't get the task people never vote me (for some reason) unless if I'm imposter

I always do a bad job of convincing them

7 Bad kill timing

Me: *kills Pink* Bingo!
Cyan: *enters the room*
Me: Oh, sh-

this was annoying. I kill someone and then someone else walks into the room before I can escape

kills red lime reports I am ejected

get this in polus a lot 0-o

8 Getting the download task

So annoying if I get this and the fuel enegies then I just leave (not because I'm not imposter) but just because I hate doing those task

It’s boring, long, and the only thing you do is press the download button. I’ve died so many times because of this stupid task.

headquarters task (admin) I am killed

9 Getting the fix weather node task in Polus

This is incredibly easy if you've got more than two brain cells.

It sucks doing this on phone.

LOL this is not hard

so hard that I get killed

10 Timing the speed on swiping card

I like this task, I usually get it on the first try.

I usually swipe the admin card slow, then fast.

This task is so annoying.

I kinda like this task

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11 You play a game with 2 imposters and your teammate turns on you
12 Disconnected from the server

I mean, who likes it when this happens?

Yesterday I was about to win a game as an imp, BUT I got disconnected :(

when I'm upstairs I disconnect

Super annoying

13 You get caught venting

I don't know why

14 People leave the game when you get Imposter

when game starts and I am imposter I win straight away

happened to me twice

15 Getting killed while doing a task

when I am in electrical imposter kills me

happened to me so many times

download data sucks

killed on wiring

16 "The game you tried to join is full"

Especially after you get disconnected.

this thing is so annoying

Always happens

Super Annoying

17 Nobody believes anything but sus
18 Getting killed by two or three impostors ganging up on you

I got the gang thing twice in polus

19 Self reports
20 Get killed in the first 15 seconds of a round

I got killed in 5 seconds once:
*game starts*
Me: *starts heading to tasks*
Betrayer: *kills me*
Me: Are you kidding me?

This happens to me so much..that's why I always run away from others.

21 Somebody writes gibberish
22 You try to make friends but end up getting killed

if someone tried to do this with me and I was an imposter I would normally not kill them since there supposed to be friends I try to lose them by closing doors or messing with lights there was this one time where this happened
Black(me):*emegrecny meeting* (there were 4 of us I killed someone who sused me out because I tried locking hm in with me but he ran out at the perfect time lol)
Cyan: what
Black:Cyan why are u following me
Cyan: because I wanted to team with u
white: lets buddy up red follow me
Black: *closes door to medbay* (luckily I lost cyan near elec)
Black:*vents to cams*
Black:*kills white*
Black*Meets up with cyan near nav*
Dead body reported
Red: its black

Happened to me three times in a row:
(This and the second scenario took place in MIRA HQ)
Brown (Me): *Goes back to launchpad*
Brown: *Sees white* *Shows white that I wanna be friends*
*Lights go out*
White: *Kills me*
Brown: I just wanted to make friends :(
White(Me): I think purple is gonna scan *Enters Medbay*
Purple:*Kills me*
White: 0-o
(Took place at the skeld)
Dark green (me) : *Tries to team with white*
White: *Kills me and vents*
Me: *Rage quits*

23 That stupid reactor startup task in the skeld

It isn't too bad

my brother always fails on this stupid task

24 A hacker is in the game and everyone knows it but no one kicks them out

This is just to let all the hackers know if Hackers if your reading this and you hack and I'm the host boi I'll ban you faster than you won

OMG. I saw sire sirol like 5 times but banned him once. Is he eris loris?

25 Being a Ghost
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