Top Ten Most Annoying Personality Traits

We're all guilty. God knows I am.

Pet peeves are ranked higher, but I haven't given much thought to the order--they're just ten qualities that grind my gears.

The Top Ten

1 Hypersensitivity

I understand why some people might find it annoying. However, as a really sensitive person myself I can say that out of the traits on this list, sensitivity is probably the hardest to control. You know sometimes you get too sensitive over things that aren't a big deal after all, but you can't really help feeling hurt or sad. - sofiav

I live with an "extremely sensitive" person. Apparently it's a known affliction. Ain't easy!

This one can be annoying. The line between criticism and bullying, people! - Garythesnail

I know someone like this, ugh

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2 Pretentiousness

I would define pretentiousness more as someone acting like they have that extensive knowledge on a subject, but don't really and only want to build up a persona of smartness for themselves. Like people who use big words without understanding them. Pretentious people are usually not very bright though, so the act becomes obvious. Or maybe I'm interpreting the word wrong. Either way, that's what I mean when I say pretentious - keycha1n

This doesn't refer to displaying extensive knowledge of a subject. It refers to acting superior and condescending because of that extensive knowledge. I admit to being guilty of this when it comes to music. I'm working on it.

EDIT: Well, as you folks pointed out, I seem to have messed up my definition of the word. Apologies. - PetSounds

"Pretentious" The adjective pretentious is a way to criticize people who try to act like they are more important or knowledgeable than they really are. - cosmo

Caillou And Kim Kardashian In A Nutshell

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3 Attention seeking

This can be displayed in a variety of ways, one of which is extensive self-deprecation. Playing the victim card is another. - PetSounds

"Oh, everyone pay attention to me because I'm so hot and I'll never shut up about my looks! " - Garythesnail

Definitely most annoying in a crowd. Should be number 1 - frankjackson

Disney1994 in a nutshell - AgentofAnarchy

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4 Inoffensiveness

It's fine to be humble, pacific, and neutral, but when it gets to the point at which you precede every sentence with, "I don't mean to be offensive, but," it becomes positively grating. You are entitled to your opinion, but don't expect it to go unquestioned. Be ready to defend it, and be aware that not all opinions are equal; some are based on poor reasoning, lack of information, and logical fallacies. - PetSounds

5 Selfishness

Everyone has there own problem, and this is Mine! I can control it though, so I will control it!

I'm familiar with all these!

6 Boastfulness
7 Laziness

I'm just all-or-nothing. I either don't care and wont do it, or I care a lot and will be the best at it. It's simply impossible for me to do something I don't believe in or enjoy, so it comes off as laziness. I'm really not. I'm unbelievably hardworking towards the things I care about. - keycha1n

I have to admit I am lazy a lot. But its mostly kids who have this problem these days. - cosmo

This is one of the biggest problems of today.

Well, I admit, I can be very lazy. But, if I love to do something, I will do it seriously - FireWasp2004

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8 Arrogance
9 Clinginess

Gah. When I was growing up, my older brother relied on me all the time and would always be really clingy towards me. It flattered me and all, but he wouldn't let me talk to any of my other siblings without glaring at them! It must've been because my mom told him when he was little, "Watch over her well! ". Since he's I his twenties now, of course he doesn't do it anymore. Still, this happened since I was... 2-14. Yeah. That's about right. - MontyPython

Aw man, this is why I'm scared of someday being in a relationship. I can't really trust people, so I'm clingy. To my friends too, I get jealous and worried and everything in between. I apologize - keycha1n

I know for a fact I'm a bit clingy sometimes. It annoys me, so I attempt to stop it. - Turkeyasylum

I'm kinda like this. Mainly with people that I really, really like. - RiverClanRocks

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10 Impatience

I do admit that this is a serious problem of mine. Particularly when I'm trying to teach something difficult to someone which I find simplistic. I know they're trying, but I can't handle it sometimes. - PositronWildhawk

I think I kind of this personality trait. Especially when I'm waiting for someone or waiting for a fun event or something. - cosmo

I have little patience... - Therandom

The Contenders

11 Rudeness
12 Flippancy

Ha, flippancy. That's a funny word... - keycha1n

Hey - "there's some things you just can't laugh off". Hopefully, these aren't among them - Billyv

Some things you just can't laugh off. - PetSounds

13 Narcissism

Needy narcissists are the worst by far!
I know one. They use and abuse without out a second thought.
Should be number one on the list.

Abusers and emotional vampires. Very, very toxic people.

14 Pervertedness V 1 Comment
15 Bossiness
16 Hateful

Someone who can never let go of anger.

17 Sarcasm

Yep..The lowest form of wit,..Gonna brand it as humor?..Seems so naive to use it and draw attention at something so lame and ridiculous. - Ananya

18 Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy: the act of condemning others for lack of virtues, qualities, or emotions that the condemner does not possess.

19 Dishonest
20 Whininess
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