Top Ten Most Annoying Personality Traits

We're all guilty. God knows I am.

Pet peeves are ranked higher, but I haven't given much thought to the order--they're just ten qualities that grind my gears.

The Top Ten

1 Attention Seeking

This can be displayed in a variety of ways, one of which is extensive self-deprecation. Playing the victim card is another.

"Oh, everyone pay attention to me because I'm so hot and I'll never shut up about my looks! "

Someone who says that is not hot at all. For me personally (and for others), I may see someone that looks beautiful or just decent (which is still pretty good). But if they have any bad personality traits like attention seeking, dishonesty, selfishness, pride, arrogance, etc, then I immediately see them as not so nice looking

By seeking attention, you are being pretentious and arrogant and people get sick of you.

Definitely most annoying in a crowd. Should be number 1

2 Hypersensitivity

In my opinion, and from experience living with a hypersensitive guy, it's a manipulative ploy to prevent you from expressing any facts or opinions that may clash with the sensitive person's delicate and refined perspective. You go from being forbidden from pointing out crucial facts, then having your boorish urges to solve matters easily using logic censured, after which you are reeducated to think as your friend/partner/associate feels, and you find yourself in the excruciating position of being forced to condole with the unending horrific pain the hypersensitive feels. You begin to understand what it is to be a thrall and how grossly superficial your own feelings are because the hypersensitive have greater and more important needs (denials) than you.

I understand why some people might find it annoying. However, as a really sensitive person myself I can say that out of the traits on this list, sensitivity is probably the hardest to control. You know sometimes you get too sensitive over things that aren't a big deal after all, but you can't really help feeling hurt or sad.

Um, I used to suffer from this, and I have to say that isn't annoying like pretentiousness is. Someone can control what they say, but they can't control an emotional attack, so this is kind of mean to people who suffer from this.

Although most Toptenners I've seen so far don't really know the difference between sensitivity & hyper-sensitivity. This item is only #1 as a result of this.

3 Pretentiousness

It really blows me off that certain people view my trait of being pretentious as bad. There seems to be no legitimate reason from them that gives a clear explanation of why it's bad for me to be pretentious.

Yes, I do admit to myself that I'm pretentious and egotistical to an extent. But at least I'm not very snobby and egotistical like a bunch of university boys that got into a prestigious university that are relentlessly rubbing and laughing at someone simply because they view that someone as inferior when they should pick somebody their own level. Even I'm not pretentious as a toxic music fan, movie fan, video game fan, whatever.

The reasons I've been given were actually against who I am instead of what I actually need to improve to become a better person. Therefore, I don't need to make major improvements to my personality in the first place.bThat's on them. The purest example is a person who shall not be named who gets fed up by my passion for theoretical physics ...more

I know every person has met a person like this in their life, and if you haven't let me explain.
In my situation, I was attending Church, and there was a stupid third-grader. He always told people about facts and bragging that he was smarter than all of us, and that really irked me. It got worse. He'll say, "I read a one-hundred page book! " in a really annoying voice, and this is annoying considering that's not even that long. Than if an adult asks someone to volunteer, his hand will immediately raise his hand, and for some reason he once bragged that he knew the word, "government," which he apparently thought none of us knew. Then he's always bragging about more than knowledge, but talent. I once said, "I can play the violin," and instead of acknowledging that, he says, "Well, I can play the ukulele, piano, and recorder," and those are all instruments that we have to learn in fourth, sixth, and seventh grade anyway. Then he says he's good at sports and physical activities (he can ...more

I would define pretentiousness more as someone acting like they have that extensive knowledge on a subject, but don't really and only want to build up a persona of smartness for themselves. Like people who use big words without understanding them. Pretentious people are usually not very bright though, so the act becomes obvious. Or maybe I'm interpreting the word wrong. Either way, that's what I mean when I say pretentious

Essentially. In my comment about the third-grader, you should know that he pretends to know a lot about math and then just puts random symbols and numbers in an equation.

This doesn't refer to displaying extensive knowledge of a subject. It refers to acting superior and condescending because of that extensive knowledge. I admit to being guilty of this when it comes to music. I'm working on it.

EDIT: Well, as you folks pointed out, I seem to have messed up my definition of the word. Apologies.

4 Arrogance

I have a tendency to brag about stuff all the time. I try my best not to but sometimes I can't help it

It doesn't make you better.

Ik a certain user here who's very arrogant

5 Inoffensiveness

It's fine to be humble, pacific, and neutral, but when it gets to the point at which you precede every sentence with, "I don't mean to be offensive, but," it becomes positively grating. You are entitled to your opinion, but don't expect it to go unquestioned. Be ready to defend it, and be aware that not all opinions are equal; some are based on poor reasoning, lack of information, and logical fallacies.

6 Boastfulness

I am so good at swimming, math, reading, and basketball. I should get a bid gold trophy for all of them

Saying how good you are is just not nice no one wants to hear that you know.

7 Selfishness

Everyone has there own problem, and this is Mine! I can control it though, so I will control it!

I'm familiar with all these!

8 Laziness

I'm just all-or-nothing. I either don't care and wont do it, or I care a lot and will be the best at it. It's simply impossible for me to do something I don't believe in or enjoy, so it comes off as laziness. I'm really not. I'm unbelievably hardworking towards the things I care about.

My kids are lazy but it's my fault I do everything for them cause I like to baby them cause I don't want them to grow up.

I have to admit I am lazy a lot. But its mostly kids who have this problem these days.

This is one of the biggest problems of today.

9 Impatience

I do admit that this is a serious problem of mine. Particularly when I'm trying to teach something difficult to someone which I find simplistic. I know they're trying, but I can't handle it sometimes.

I think I kind of this personality trait. Especially when I'm waiting for someone or waiting for a fun event or something.

I have little patience...

I hate, hate, HATE this! When I work on school work, my friends REPEATEDLY text me...

Friend: Sup loser.
Friend: Hey.
Friend: Okay, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. Haha!
Friend: ANSWER ME!
Friend: I met your favorite drummer.
Friend: Oh wait he's dead OH I WAS KIDDING HAHA
Friend: Okay, please don't be pissed at me for saying that.
Me: Sorry, school work! I'm really busy right now...
Friend: Oh, cool, wanna hang?
Me: I'm busy.
Friend: Can't you do work later?
Me: It's due tomorrow...
Friend: Pretty pretty pretty please?
Me: Can we hang tomorrow?
Friend: Ugh! You're no fun.
Me: Sorry!
[30 Mins. Later]
Friend: You done?
Me: Patience.
Friend: I don't have any.
Me: Really? Couldn't tell...

10 Narcissism

Narcissists are very needy and insecure people who, rather than loving you and trying to attain intimacy, cultivate you as a friend in order to feed their narcissism. Psychologists say 'you provide their narcissistic goods'. They are always seeking new friends because of their fear that this supply may run out and expose their emptiness. One may feel compassion for them because they did not wish this awful condition upon themselves but beware of getting caught up with them. It can be very hard to disentangle because things are not what they appear to be.

I used to have a friend who I suspect may be a narcissist. She lacked empathy for me and used me to get what she wants and needs. She posts many selfies on Instagram, and she would take other's phones and take selfies of herself. She comes from a poor family, and she was needy. She always talks about herself and doesn't show emotion much. She manipulates her friends to like her, but she can't maintain friendships often. I could go on and on about this girl.

Of all, this is THE NO. 1! Top 3 at best! Who the heck said hypersensitivity is? Really. Narcissism and Arrogance and pretentiousness are top 3 by far. I had to tell a woman I work with to stop asking me a specific personal question only because it was fake and it was her way of coming across like she was important enough in my world to ask me. She is the worst at this. Smart woman but is 98% fluff...

I have a friend who shamelessly and endlessly brags on herself. I believe this stems from being so incredibly insecure that even though I am annoyed, I also feel sorry for her because her behavior is pathetic. She is both a braggart and narcissist. Unfortunate really because all that aside I enjoy her company.

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11 Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy: the act of condemning others for lack of virtues, qualities, or emotions that the condemner does not possess.

Telling you to mind your own business.but doing it themselves although they don't care

12 Clinginess

Gah. When I was growing up, my older brother relied on me all the time and would always be really clingy towards me. It flattered me and all, but he wouldn't let me talk to any of my other siblings without glaring at them! It must've been because my mom told him when he was little, "Watch over her well! ". Since he's I his twenties now, of course he doesn't do it anymore. Still, this happened since I was... 2-14. Yeah. That's about right.

Aw man, this is why I'm scared of someday being in a relationship. I can't really trust people, so I'm clingy. To my friends too, I get jealous and worried and everything in between. I apologize

I know for a fact I'm a bit clingy sometimes. It annoys me, so I attempt to stop it.

I can do this sometimes. Luckily, most of my friends don't seem to mind it.

13 Bullying

Someone is bullying

14 Whininess

Very annoying.

15 Hateful

Someone who can never let go of anger.

16 Rudeness
17 Bossiness

Worst! I hate people who demand respect but don't give anything but tyranny.

Nagging, moaning, telling people what to do, glass is always half empty...ugh

18 Dishonest

It's a waste of anyone's time to be dishonest or on the receiving end of dishonesty. In my opinion it's a type of betrayal that leaves no room for building trust or faith in that person. Being dishonest can leave one forsaken by their fellow man.

19 Dullness

Ohh... I have to stand those people at school. I hate them

20 Being Short-Tempered

Well it "obviously" could occur in people who have autism/aspergers or either I mean just look at Isaac Newton I'm very tempered and quite the person who hates people which makes me a xenophobe which I'm sorry but I refuse to change I can't go through the painful process of DECAY I'll just die the same way upon the same wrath as he,and if you look at my posts I may be below Einstein due to my quite good description but not enough or something else like a genius with highly creative ideas but you shall see.P.S Newton was autistic and so as I but I'M slightly autistic/mild Aspergers- Kevinsidis

21 Flippancy

Some things you just can't laugh off.

Ha, flippancy. That's a funny word...

Hey - "there's some things you just can't laugh off". Hopefully, these aren't among them

22 Pervertedness

This=my Asian relatives. When my cousins were younger I don't think that there ever was a party I have attended where they talk about my cousins' butts, privates, or have their hands down their pants or something.

Just...ugh, the worst quality ever. And rude, too.

23 Cheap

My parents buy me cheap things too even though I made a fortune doing minor roles in films (the death cure, tron legacy, godless, the scorch trials) and they use the money for their own pleasure

I come from a rich family but my parents always buy me cheap stuff. I guess its not bad but peeps at school always remark on my cheap stuff I also have asian parents

My Asian parents are very very very cheap toward me. They limit the amount of FREE brochures and samples that I want to take, don’t let me buy things with my own money, and they buy stuff for my sister and cousins but they rarely ever buy me stuff. (I have to beg my @$$ off to convince them to buy me stuff)

everyone who doesn't like cheap is gay and needs to shut up and watch someone get stabbed in real life right in front of them

24 Disrespectfulness
25 Harshness

Yeah, Harshness is harsh!

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