Worst Zodiac Sign Combinations

The Top Ten
1 Cancer and Aries

Just no, but can be best friends

Just no

2 Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio:...(happy about this)

Scorpio is not a good match for us leos

3 Gemini and Virgo

These two put together is a HORRIBLE idea.

Oh, my best friend is Gemini.

4 Pisces and Virgo

I agree! I do not like Pisces because one of my enemies is that!

5 Sagittarius and Virgo

Both have a temper. don't mix them just... don't

6 Capricorn and Libra

So bad

I’m a Libra and Capricorn’s can’t stand me cause I’m sooo lazy!

7 Taurus and Leo

I'm Taurus but I don't mind Leo's.I don't care about Zodiacs to begin with.-DarkBoi-X

I don't want to EVER be in a relationahip with a taurus.

8 Virgo and Aries

I don’t like Aries.

9 Aquarius and Leo

I hate someone whos aquarius...

10 Sagittarius and Gemini

They just don't WORK OKAY!

The Contenders
11 Leo and Libra
12 Libra and Virgo

As a Libra I never got along with Virgos

13 Aquarius and Taurus
14 Aquarius and Cancer
15 Aries and Capricorn

They don't work either.

16 Taurus and Virgo
17 Pisces and Scorpio
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