Top 10 Zodiac Signs Compatible with Leo

The Top Ten
1 Libra

This Couple Is Cute I Guess

2 Sagittarius

I Dated A Sagittarius Once. Did Not Work Out.

3 Aquarius

This Is My Bro's Zodiac! Don't Ship Us!

4 Aries

Two Fire Signs? Talk About Crazy Awesome!

5 Gemini

Bro I'm a girl gemini -

6 Cancer

I Neber Tried A Cancer. I Might Get The Actual Disease. Is That Rude!

7 Virgo
8 Capricorn
9 Pisces
10 Scorpio

My boyfriend is Leo. We enjoyed everything in this world except of fights. A Scorpio usually understands people better so we will always let them win because that's all they want. They are too self-centered and want to be on top. Their ego sometimes are too much. So to be honest I am human too, I have feelings & I need to share my opinions too. Leo just won't listen so I'll just keep to myself if I'm hurt or whatever.

The Contenders
11 Taurus
12 Leo
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