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41 Onyx

I'm number 75 on the list, that's sad. I mean who would want to name their child after a shade of black

Onyx is an awesome name!

42 Falcon
43 Mercer

This is one hell of a cool name

Nooo never trust a Mercer, he betrayed the thieves guild!

44 Ryder

Cool name.. this is a possibility for my son

45 Xavier

Oh come on! Professor X?

46 Matt

As the girlfriend of a Matt, Matt is indeed a badass. If you mess with Matt's mom, sister, girlfriend, friend, our anyone he cares about, you will curse the day you were born. Keep in mind he is ripped as hell. He won't kill you, but damn you will be in rough shape.

Literally the most bad-ass name in the world.

Yes, like, hot and bad-ass!

Quiet but badass always on watch

47 Haley

My name is Haley and I spelled the exact same thank you for putting this as a bad as last name


48 Jake

Haha my name is jake

My name is Jake

This name is so bad ass

49 Rick

I'm a Pickle Rick!

50 Zero

You'll never see him coming...

Started from the bottom now were here!


51 Cole

There's a book character Cole in My Life With The Walter Boys, TOTAL Badass!

I don't know if it's really a badass name. I guess it is because it reminds me of Cole from Dragon age. He's sweet but deadly if you get on his bad side. It's a great name. I love it.

Cole Holland, the most badass character ever.


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52 DJ

Anyone who plays music all the time it's perfict

53 Nightmare

I think it's pretty cool because it could put some fear into bully's and such or a code name - Exotic Bat

Because itll be a nightmare if anybody messes with them

54 Xerxes

I would love to have this as my nickname - Ananya

55 Mephisto

Great name! Heard of the name before and fell in love with it.

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56 Jagger

This is my 8 year old nephews name. Love it!


57 Mercury

Best singer name ever ☺☻♥

58 Alistar

Demon that mentored Dean Winchester in hell very nice

My snakes name is Alistair nothing more bad ass

Love how we supernatural fans just show up and take over everything

My mind instantly thought of supernatural 😂 The fanfom is everywhere ✌🏻️

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59 Alex

Dude, this name its just the basic "badass stereotype" and, remember, both, guy and girl can have this name, so come on it has to be here

I love this name. I wish I had a twin so she can be alex and I could be Lexi. Sounds pretty badass if u ask me.

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60 Scarlet

Scarlet is so badass because it sounds like an agent name

I love this name, it's also the name of my favorite book character. - Oliveleaf

Isn't scarlet spelled Scarlett

Erza Scarlet aka Titania!

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