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101 Pharoh V 1 Comment
102 Dagger

Who wouldn't name their kid after a weapon? - FluffyBanana

V 1 Comment
103 Zoltan
104 Cameo
105 Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo.

I wonder if they will ever meet Mario or Luigi

I think this name is more gaming.

vvv Oh my.

Retarded -_-

106 Alois V 3 Comments
107 Raisa

It's actually an indonesian name just search in on google she's a very beauty indonesian singer.

Kinda reminds me of raisin

Kinda weirdo but is perfectly badass in a Russian last name…like "Raisa Sokolov", and is not a name you see every day. I like it. Unique, Badass and short.

108 Fang

From Maximum Ride, go check out the books.

I love it responses to a snakes teeth so this is badass man

Fang is my favorite character!

Yes! Thank you for recognizing how awesome that name is. ☺

109 Wolf

This should be higher...

Kid: "Did you see that kid, Wolf"

Other kid: "Yeah, he gave Matt a black eye! "

I love this name it's so cool

Wolf: What you say?!

110 Gonzalo V 2 Comments
111 Tytan

My name is Tytan not Titan but Tytan. It's one hell of a name

Hell yeah! Sounds like the boss of a secret agency...

112 Beth

I'm Beth! Crap, why am I so low on the list?

113 Crow V 2 Comments
114 Eugene

I have bestfriend in the band with me his nickname is Eugene my is cockatoo

115 Raxus
116 Snake

Nope people would thing wrong about that name as if he is a back stabber or like a rat

Snake is a badass name I mean think about Solid Snake and tell me that he is not a badass.

Ok people this is just a badass name. If you saw someone named snake you would not want to mess with them.

We in the land of the snakes,
god bless the snakes,
united states of snakes

V 1 Comment
117 Ignacio

Got a friend name s Ignacio, he's a lady killer, and quite the badass.


118 Jess
119 Iona V 1 Comment
120 Zoe

Cool name for a girl

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