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121 Crystal Ray
122 Mirror

Well who would name their child mirror?

What the?

123 Aquamarine
124 Bloom
125 Vexare

This is the latin infinitive of veto, meaning to bother

126 Alice

Alice Bell. Main character in Alice in Zombieland, White Rabbit Chronicles, and a huge badass.

Reminds me of Alice madness returns.

Rock on! Alice Cooper and Alice in Chains all the way!

This name deserves more credit as a female name

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127 Atlas

Doesn't this mean Titan in some place? Or a Greek root? Something like that?

He's the greek god who holds up the sky.

128 Sollux

Thii2 ii2 obviiou2ly the be2t name here.

129 Alexandra V 2 Comments
130 Blade

Who wouldn't love the name Blade?! This could be the most badass name EVER!

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131 Sean


Great name

132 Gunther

Nah from Adventure Time

Like from friends

133 Kona

My girlfriend's name! 💜 fking awesome name, which come from Konstantina (for females) and it mean the person who is constant.

134 Velskud

This name is cool. I will name this my dog.

135 Lexion

Nice. I haven't ever heard of anyone named this, but it sounds close to Lexi and I have a cool friend named Lexi.

It reminds me of light and lightning or something out of tron ultra!

Awesome name. I've always wanted it. What do you all think?

That's so cool! Who came up with this?

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136 Chloe V 1 Comment
137 Evelyn

I think this name is so cool, it's kinda masculine while still being obviously a girl's name. It makes someone immediately mysterious and badass - evelynperkins

138 Tempest V 1 Comment
139 Vegas

Oh maybe he'll meet gamble or maybe even casino

140 Blizzard V 1 Comment
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