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141 Tempest V 1 Comment
142 Vegas

Oh maybe he'll meet gamble or maybe even casino

143 Blizzard V 1 Comment
144 Wilder
145 Rad
146 Energy

Now we're getting into scientific terms

147 Heaven
148 Summberry
149 Claire

My name is Claire and I swear I'm not as cute as I may seem

I know a girl named Claire, she's really good at violent sports and can be a badass.

150 Nicolai

Second bad ass name so far, my first is Nightmare.

151 Glo
152 Speed

Sure, why not name it after a drug honey?

Go Speed Racer! Go! …oh jesus, that was so cheesy, but I couldn't resist 😂

153 Weiss

My Surname and a constant reminder that my father, my Hero, was the most badass man on the planet. of my upcoming poem - Ananya

154 Brianna

When I hear the name Brianna I just think gorgeous, but not so much badass..

I thought it said Banana

155 Domino V 1 Comment
156 Junohony
157 Ackerman

I thought of them to when I read this!

LEVI AND MIKASA! Enough said. Their very badass. Have the name if you can keep up the standards

Mikasa Ackerman, Levi Ackerman and Kenny Ackerman are definitely bad assess.

Come on, there's Levi, Mikasa. 'enough said.

158 Apollo

Finally a Greek god. I mean we had Atlas. But this is much better

Apollo- Greek god of prophecy, music, poetry act...

V 1 Comment
159 Aargon V 1 Comment
160 Lithium V 1 Comment
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