Top 10 Most Beautiful and Unique Girl Names

This list has girl names that I really like and, in my own way, are unique.

The Top Ten

1 Harvest Roux

Harvest is a good name for a little one born in the Fall and Roux is pronounced Roo. A good, and unique, name for a twin would be Harley or Harvey Rose. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

2 Balee Paige

I just think that this name is really sweet and smart-sounding. Another unique name that would be good for a twin for Balee would be Maine or Monte Claire. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

3 Ain Claire

Ain is the Egyptian name for Alexis, it means priceless. Fay (Faye) Alaine would be cute for a twin. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

4 Alliah May

Alliah is a cute name that could be long for Ally (Alli, Ali) and a twin could be Fayrah, long for Fay (Faye) April. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

5 South Marie

South is just a cute name that I really like. A good twin name could be North Diane. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

6 October Rose

I love girls names that are also months. A good twin name would be November Claire. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

This name is odd but I actually quite like it - WinchesterGirl26

This is beautiful! - Britgirl

7 Mila River

I love the name Mila.

River is a really cute middle name and Mila just goes with it. Lila, May, or Maddie (Madelyn) Ester (Ethster) is a cute twin name to go with it. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

8 Savannah Rose
9 August Raina

Once again, this is another month name. Auggie would be a cute nickname. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

10 Vienna Alaine

Vienna is the name of a city in England and a good twin name would be Paris Rose. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

Vienna is actually the capital of Austria. - Metal_Treasure

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? Ava Grace

The Contenders

11 Dawn Claire

Dawn is such a pretty name and is one of the characters names in one of my favorite books. Dusk Allyn would be a cute twin - Alexis_Diane_Karn

12 Neresha Minimuthu

It's actually my cousin's name.I love it

13 Genevieve Melisande
14 Talia Edith

I don’t really like this one.

15 April Rose
16 Audrey Jane
17 Audrey Rose
18 Lauren Lucretia
19 Milania Heather
20 Melanie Dawn
21 Kimberly Maye
22 Barita Loren
23 Joan Eve
24 Tabitha Green
25 Priscilla Ward
26 Joanna Berta
27 Elyse Joc
28 Kim Colleen
29 Fatima Gorja
30 Melania Lawrence
31 Natalia Irene
32 Monica Cree
33 Aubrey Jolene
34 Matilda Marie
35 Jane Ivy
36 Diane Harper
37 Vivienne Roberta
38 Julienne Newton
39 Zeja Mala
40 Lucille Gresham
41 Martina Cole
42 Lietta Lynn

It's a cute name and I'm naming my build a bear that

Lietta is the name I've always wanted

43 Malinda Dae

The name Melinda sounds so smart and intelligent. Dae Is a cute middle name to go with Melinda. A good twin name would be Melissa Starr

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