Top 10 Most Beautiful and Unique Girl Names

This list has girl names that I really like and, in my own way, are unique.

The Top Ten

1 October Rose

I love girls names that are also months. A good twin name would be November Claire. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

This name is odd but I actually quite like it - WinchesterGirl26

This is beautiful! - Britgirl

2 Harvest Roux

Harvest is a good name for a little one born in the Fall and Roux is pronounced Roo. A good, and unique, name for a twin would be Harley or Harvey Rose. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

3 Balee Paige

I just think that this name is really sweet and smart-sounding. Another unique name that would be good for a twin for Balee would be Maine or Monte Claire. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

4 Ain Claire

Ain is the Egyptian name for Alexis, it means priceless. Fay (Faye) Alaine would be cute for a twin. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

5 Alliah May

Alliah is a cute name that could be long for Ally (Alli, Ali) and a twin could be Fayrah, long for Fay (Faye) April. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

6 South Marie

South is just a cute name that I really like. A good twin name could be North Diane. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

7 Mila River

I love the name Mila. - lovefrombadlands

River is a really cute middle name and Mila just goes with it. Lila, May, or Maddie (Madelyn) Ester (Ethster) is a cute twin name to go with it. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

8 August Raina

Once again, this is another month name. Auggie would be a cute nickname. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

9 Savannah Rose
10 Dawn Claire

Dawn is such a pretty name and is one of the characters names in one of my favorite books. Dusk Allyn would be a cute twin - Alexis_Diane_Karn

The Contenders

11 Vienna Alaine

Vienna is the name of a city in England and a good twin name would be Paris Rose. - Alexis_Diane_Karn

Vienna is actually the capital of Austria. - Metal_Treasure

12 Genevieve Melisande
13 Neresha Minimuthu

It's actually my cousin's name.I love it

14 Talia Edith

I don’t really like this one. - lovefrombadlands

15 April Rose
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