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1 Mohanlal Mohanlal Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair, better known as Mohanlal, is an Indian actor, producer and occasional singer best known for his work in Malayalam films .

What you think. Mohanlal is the worlds greatest star in entire universe. Worthy successor to the god even the great mighty actor will bow

Mohanlal the most refined product of malayalam film industry.. And with no doubt the most terrefic actor in Indian cinema.. He actually came into cinema as negative character but his talent made him the superstar of malayalam film along with mammootty.

The acting course at FTII, Pune shold be revised with the addition of a new topic "Lalism in Acting". Because he is the only natural and talented actor ever produced in the country with spontaneous acting ability and even reflecting the charecter in his minute body languages...
"He has an amazing ability to just be the character and not play the character"-Mani Ratnam.

He is not acting but just living..

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2 Mammootty Mammootty Mammootty is an Indian film actor and producer best known for his work in the Malayalam film industry .

Though he is not choosing much performance scope films, he is doing the best whenever there s scope...

Mega Star...
God of Molly wood
Proud of youth...



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3 Prithviraj Prithviraj Prithviraj Sukumaran, credited mononymously as Prithviraj, is an Indian actor, playback singer and producer best known for his work in Malayalam films.

The youngest and stylish star in malayalam film...
And the bold actor to


Young charming actor
King of Malayalam film industry
Muli talented actor who can carry all characters like stylish hero, villain, ordinary man etc.

The best actor of Malayalam Film industry (youth)

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4 Nivin Pauly Nivin Pauly

Nivin pauly has a lot of girl fans in kerala

Nivin pauly rocks is so talented and has the looks which show he's a great actor

He's obviously a great actor and he has the ability to make people laugh through acting which I personally believe is a quality that an actor needs the most.


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5 Dileep

Who can or will catch up with roles which he can do tank god 4 a great actor like him entered our film industry


He has the ost veritality and can do anything like mohanlal and kamaal hassan he is the best in the world at what he does

Dileep is the spectacular actor

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6 Jagathy

He is the pearl of malayalam film industry

Hasya rajaavu, has a very good range in versatile roles.

He has no compatators

One of The Best!

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7 Dulquer Salmaan

He will be the up coming super star...

He's young and expressive, his film choices are great.He's really got his scores high.

The king actor of new generation who knows only acting. This films are the best of 2012

The BEST BEST actor in the history of malayalam film industry
the malayalam film industry...
we all r your fans...

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8 Thilakan

Most versatile and genuine actor

I think he is best actor in this Universe, no one can come near him. It makes you feel real when you watch his films. No one can ever fill his space in film industry. We will always miss him

To handle a father's role in malayalam cinema no one can as much apt compared to Tilakan... Current mega/super stars got this kind of a position in publics mind due to the effort of this actor too...

You were an University of Acting..
Best Loved as Father of MohanLal

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9 Fahadh Faasil

Currently the best actor in the industry...

Will be the upcoming super star...

He is in the industry because of his actors

Fahadh is one of the most talented actor Malayan film industry has.

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10 Suresh Gopi

He is god of Cop roles, prefect dialogue delivery. Amazing body language.

What Suresh Gopi sir is in the 13th rank?. What a stupidity and non seance is this. Suresh Gopi is one of the milestone of malayalam cinema. When we study about him you can understand what is his role in malayalam cinema. So don't be partial to your hero and be do like this list sincerly. Thank You.

He is best actor after mohanlal

Best action star ever produced by malayalm film industry... no one comes nearer except jayan

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11 Jayaram


He is a real star of the masses. But unfortunately he didn't get the recognition he richly deserves. Who has not liked his films? Almost everybody likes him and his acting. Very cheerful and spontaneous. He never projects himself much through the media. Perhaps that may be his weakness. He should go ahead with positive attitude and do his best. Rest will be taken care of by the masses.

The Evergreen Superstar of Malayalam film industry.
The people's choice.
Janapriya nayagan.
King of Hearts.

Is a very good actor, completely did justice to his roles in the late 80s and early 90s, until he started imitating Prem Nazir in almost all of his recent movies. - gaali121

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12 Murali

He is extra - ordinary performer. In murali place we couldn't find out anyone sofar.

He is best In malayalam film

We can find no one to replace murali

Should be in the top 10. - gaali121

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13 Nedumudi Venu

Venu is best known for his agile and stellar roles as grand father and rural outlooks portrayed in 1980's.

Nedumudi venu stands apart with his acting skills.

Perfect and peacefully actor

Outstanding actor the malalayalam film industry ever produced.
Through his film "Minnamininginu nurunguvettam"he has given a tight competition to the BIG B in the best actor national award.
But unluckly bachan got that title that proves his talent

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14 Kunchacko Boban

Excellent actor in Malayalam film industry

I like him very much because he is having a good personality

Most handsome hero ever in Malayalam

Glamour look and nice acting always good behaviour

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15 Allu Arjun Allu Arjun

He is good dancer and good actor, I like him

I love his dressing and action skills...

Allu arjun is the number 1. He has excellent acting & dancing skills

Best actor

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16 Asif Ali

The youngest and stylist in malayalam film, most talented and future actor of malayalam film
He can do many variety roles like mohanlal or than mohanlal.
The evergreen superstar of malayalam industry. More talented and a normal person.

Asif ali is good romantic family actor. Good talented actor

Upcoming super star, a romantic family star,

Natural acting

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17 Bharath Gopi

Gopi is the real legend

He is one of greatest actors country has ever produced

Most meticulous actor in in indian cinema

The best actor

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18 Jayasurya

Future of Malayalam cinema. More star value and talent than other youngstars. - raj786

He can do variety roles

He's extremely skilled and best among the young stars of mollywood! Future superstar...

Jayettan the versatile actor

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19 Sathyan

If you watch Sathyan today, in 2013, you can tell that he was breed apart even 60 years ago. If he were to be at the same age as Mohan Lal today, his movies will be at the Oscar for foreign films!

I am sure that Sathyan must be credited with the all time Best Actor that Malayalam cinema hitherto produced. In those days he revolutionized cinema acting and today's actors, including Mammooty and Mohanlal, deliberately or otherwise have learnt many things and still have to learn many things from Sathyan. I happened to watch many of his movies on the advice of a film analyst who has got a degree in film making from Pune film institute. The "Bhavabinaya" is unparalleled in Sathyan.

Sathyan is the Best Actor all time in Malayalam; without any doubt at all will accept the fact.

Oscar he deserve, what great actor SATHYAN

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20 Prem Nazir

The romantic, excellent, wonderful etc... Actor of all time in malayalam industry. He has not gone anywhere he is still like feaher in nature and lion in his sole

Ever Green Prem Nazir. Thank you for your contribution to Malayalam Industry

The perfect actor in all angles

Most handsome

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