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1 Rin Okumura Rin Okumura is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Blue Exorcist created by Kazue Kato. He's known for being the son of satan and trying to kill him. He is the main Protagonist in Blue Exorcist. His notable feature is the blue sword in which he draws when in trouble

RIN IS SO ADORABLE SOMETIMES! I would totally eat his food if he cooked some for me

I litterally read the manga because of him and I wasn't disappointed! I love him!

I relate to Rin so much my favorite food is sukiyaki I love manga and I have a younger brother and Rin is pretty cute.

Because to his heritage, Rin has the Flames of Satan, the ability of pyrokinesis and is able to take on a demon form. Rin’s other skills then include high speed regeneration, spectral awareness, enhanced strength and telepathy

2 Yukio Okumura Yukio Okumura is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Blue Exorcist created by Kazue Kato.

I love how he went from a crybaby little kid who was always being protected by Rin to a complete bad ass with guns smarts and being the son of satan

I know that fandom's love swords, bows, whips, etc, but I'm more of a gun person. I love finally seeing a main character using guns! Plus Yukio is amazing in every way haha.

I love Yukio and Rin but my friend beat me to it but I do not care I Love YUKIO

I. Love. You. Yukio

3 Mephisto Pheles Mephisto Pheles is the son of Satan, headmaster of True Cross Academy, and the demon king of time and space, second in the hierarchy of the eight demon kings of Gehenna. His real name is Samael, and his other alias is Johann Faust V. He has a younger brother named Amaimon, the demon king of earth. His more.

Honeslty when he sits on his couch watching the drama unfold I relate so hard to that especially when people I know fight or spill gossip lol

Transformation, time-space manipulation, summoning, flaming pentagram and telekinesis… He can do it all! The King of Time is the second strongest demon king, and powerful enough to block any higher ranking demon from entering the academy!

Why Mephisto is my favorite character? Because we don't know what are his plans or if he is in the good side or in the bad side. We don't know anything about him and that's why I love him.

Favorite character in the whole manga series! always keeps you on the edge of your seat, knowing everything yet saying rarely anything. Also he's sexy, cute, and handsome and has the coolest personality in the manga and anime.

4 Shiemi Moriyama

Shiemi is very sweet and cute, but she is also strong and wants to prove herself. She is a great character!

Same voice as Madoka Kaname from madoka magica

She just wants to be helpful..

Shiemi is a cute innocent character who wants to prove that she is not useles. I LOVE her! Because she kinda looks like me interms of personality. And her familiar is so CUTE

5 Ryuji Suguro

I like how him and Rin have that type of relationship were they care for each other and are friends but literally right over everything and be ready to beat each other up

I love the dynamic between him and Rin and when Rin called him a princess and babe I died

Love this dude

Him or rin? Hardest question EVER!

6 Renzo Shima

He such a vibe honestly. He has a cool exterior but in reality he is a deep complex character that just wants to have fun. I feel like I can relate, and I bet others can too

I think that Shima is such a nice character, he's laid back, does the right thing (most of the time) and is a great friend.

I like cried when I found out he was illuminati and then screamed of joy when he came back. He is my funny, jokey best boy. And pink hair. Need I say more?

I find him really relatable, I like his vague standing, and I kind of like traitor/spy characters in general. He's pretty cool-headed, too, which I think is quite a practical character trait.

7 Izumo Kamiki

I LOVE IZUMO! She’s literally my spirit animal! We have the same personality!

She's strong-willed and is helpful at the very least. She doesn't blame Rin for being the son of Satan which is really respectful in a way. All his other ''friends'' discriminated him for it, while she stuck to her opinion and helped Rin out. I really admire her and she should definitely be more appreciated.

8 Shiro Fujimoto

Fujimoto was a Paladin of the True Cross Order, which is the highest title any Exorcist can reach. He is also a skilled Dragoon, Tamer, Aria and Doctor. He also demonstrated extreme willpower when he was able to reclaim his body from Satan for a bit

It's cool how he influenced Rin and Yukio through out the whole series even tho he died in the second episode

Influences the whole series even though he died in episode 1. Also a badass exorcist you want to know more about.

He is one of the best. Why did he have to die!?

9 Shura Kirigakure

There’s no doubt that Shura is powerful. She’s an excellent sword wielder, a tamer (with her familiar she is able to create both barriers and track other people/objects), has some skill in sealing and is also an Aria

She's awesome and has the best outfit ever

I love her hair and her sword technique

She's so badass and beautiful! I love her!

10 Amaimon

I love him so much! He is beyond bad ass and both sexy and cute!

His hairdo reminds me of Alfalfa from the Little Rascals. Not that it's a bad thing. It suits him well.

I love Amaimon! He's just awesome!

Honeslty he's a pretty funny character

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11 Konekomaru Miwa
12 Kuro

The cutest cat ever

Cutest cat ever


I love Kuro so much. Fricking adorable :)

13 Coal Tar

It can't just be me that thinks they look like mini plaggs right XD

Just a single coal tar.
Seriously though coal tars are SO CUTE!

CoAl TArS AR3 Cut3 aLS0 1 waS GOnna PICk AM1M0n

14 Blacky

Hands down, best anime character ever.

Blacky is sooo cute!

He's so cute

15 Satana
16 Kinzo Shima
17 Lucifer
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