Best Christian Names for a Boy


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1 Michael

Most Common name, but can't doubt it's a strong name - darknessmaster909

2 George
3 Charles

Most handsome people I've seen are called charles, I dunno if it's a coincidence or what :P - darknessmaster909

4 Nickolas

Very Special name For a Boy, I'd absolutely choose it for my son in the future - darknessmaster909

5 Peter

The name of the Apostle whom Christ Built His Church upon.

6 Harry
7 Brian
8 William

Most people of Literature were called with it and it's kinda beautiful name and would be unique since it's rarely used nowadays. - darknessmaster909

9 Louis

A very unique French name, most kings of France were named with it - darknessmaster909

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10 Jacob

The Contenders

11 Richard

A pretty strong English name - darknessmaster909

12 Francis
13 Matthew

This name is totally badass

14 Elijah

Love this Name Elijah

15 Nathan
16 Daniel
17 Gabriel
18 Adrian
19 Isaiah
20 Zedakiah
21 Jeremiah
22 Tim
23 Eliah
24 Logan
25 Cory
26 Hilkiah
27 Obadiah
28 Lincoln
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