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1 Kookaburra Kahuna

Kookaburra Kahuna - The best bat in the whole world! It has got a power and can hit every ball for a 6! If ricky Ponting uses the Kahuna, Why doesn't he smack often? But Kahuna just rules!

One of the best bats that I've ever used so lite and the stroke of the bat is wonderful love this bat before used to hate the Kookaburra brand but from now on Love Kookaburra I LOVE YOU

Really good bat for stroke play big edge and quite light

Best of all try

2 SS Ton

I too have SS ton powerplay
It is a amazing bat

I too plays with a ss ton bat any ball get blasted in 2 or 3 shots with a ss bat it should be the number one bat in the whole witch the number one batsman in the world use.

This bag is the best it is so nice

Almost every international cricket player uses thi bat

3 Adidas Master Blaster Club

It's a bat which looks very powerful I have ordered for it I am waiting for it to have

I have this bat and hits many 6 and 4 in you 13

I have this bat. It can hit really hard shots

It will hit sixes.

4 Adidas Incurza

CA is world good bat

This is the most stylish, strong and amazing bat I've ever seen and it is also used by the god of cricket himself sachin ramesh tendulkar.

This is the best bat of the world.

I have tried this bat I had been hitting boundaries for so many days I just last 4 weeks and nothing scratches came awesome

5 GM Icon

The most sturdy and reliable bat.

GM Is one the best bats in the world I am very happy that my next bar I'm getting is a GM

Great pick up

Best bat

6 Grey Nicolls Viper

It is the best bat ever



Its a classy one

7 Gray Nicolls Kaboom

The bat which hit a six in my heart

I had bought this bat on Amazon an it is wicked awesome. It is a big hitterand can hit a 100+ meter six by applying very little force

Great bat because when u touch the ball it goes like a bullet towards the boundary

Best bat ever

8 Puma Ballistic

It is one of the superb bats I had ever played

It's a really good bat like adam gilcrist hit a good few 6s with it it should be voted 3rd and people out of my cricket club has been dieng for it

Best bat in the world

I have this superb bat. A small child can also hit 6 with this bat. I've
Heated many sixes with the help of this bat. It is the best bat...

9 Spartan MC 329

Only for mad who hit at an average of 93+ meter six

It's dhoni bat it's super

Good bat in the world

Best bat

10 SG Cobra Select

This bat has all the attributes of a perfect piece of art, It can deliver all great shots with quality, and a bit of style on the side. SG has a reputation either way of bats that hit with all aspects of skill. All-in-all, a great bat has to tick off all factors in criteria, unlike the 'Kahuna', this does.

It's really good. After a good seasoning it will give you huge runs in tests and odis. For 20-20 SG has a bat named STUD T20 which is a bat with new designs. Sg is the best bat.

Beautiful bat. I have this bat and is excellent for hitting 6 sixes. Get one of these bats because it has a smooth surface and good kashmir willow bat. I would like you to get one of these stunning sg cobra bat. Love this bat then any other I have seen.

Super bat


The Newcomers

? Grey Nicolls Legend Gold

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11 Reebok Blast

This is very nice and comfortable on hand. Dhoni using this

It is best bat to use. It is used by several people. I asked several people which is best bat they all said me reebok blast is the best bat to use. I also handle it, it is easy to handle and comfortable to use. This is because why dhoni using this bat

It is very good and comfortable to play.

Now I understood how dhoni is hitting HELICOPTER SHOTS because OF THIS BAT ONLY

12 GM Flare

Best I have real Shane Watson GM flare

Have had this bat for 5 years now and it hits the ball with power. Has a big sweet spot, where you can sort of miss hit it and get away with it. The best bat I have ever owned.

Because this is my bat

This bat is truly amazing. Just the slightest connection between a bat and ball can make the ball fly away to the boundary line.

13 Kookaburra Angry Beast

These are the best bat in top ten

This bat is definitely an angry beast! One of the best bats I EVER HAD.

Because of the bats strength and it's stlish

I had this bat just broke after a 3 year struggle but I will and could never have a bat like this ever in my life

14 Puma Pulse

It's a awesome bat
Its less in weight
Can lift it very easily
Used a lot of crickets

It's ver good bat every one should try

Light in weight very nice bat

Best Bat.. Good Balance.. Suitable for Moderate Batsmen..

15 Slazenger V389

I like it

Its amazing and its very lite

I used it its nice

This is the best bat I have ever used

16 Reebok Dhoni D7

Reebok bat is my favorite bat. It is a very good bat. In the world

I think the bat is best.

It is the best cricket bat I have ever used in my life and is used by Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is known to be the King of cricket

I like Dhoni's helicopter shot from this bat. Dhoni is one of my favourite player

17 Nike Opener

It is the best and helps in hitting many sixes and is used by Virat Kohli

My favourite player is v kohli and favourite bat is nike.

It's a nice bat and a cool bat

It is the best bat I have ever used in my life.

18 Kookaburra Blade

It is the best bat for playing cricket with leather ball.

The best bat for playing cricket with leather ball. If all Indian players will play with it I hope no one can defeat India

A llight weight bat with immense stroke. One of the best bats kookaburra has ever produced.

Kookaburra Blade is a wonderful bat, it is so light and it is top first bat in the list

19 BAS Vampire

I have this bat and I made 3 centuries with it on the first day

It's a perfectly balanced bat, hand picked by cricket experts. The bat edges allows the batsman to clear the fielder in the deep with ease.

Yeah I agree... Really nice bat!

Darren sammy has this bat you have to see his batting epic brilliant

20 GM Epic

The best bat money can buy. Definitely in my top 15

I have this bat, good control and power

A amazing bat good for sixes

I have this bat... Strokes are really good. Its available in Kashmir and also English Willow... Awesome bat...

21 Nike Drive

Perfect for batsmen with straight bat technique bottom heavy amazing feel prefer it to opener model even though better willow. Amazing weapon of choice for me!

Very stylish and modern bat. It is very light weight bat and is capable of hitting dozens of sixes and fours

It is awesome bat I scored 389 runs in domestic cricket by this bat

This is a good bat for the players who plays mostly drive

22 Slazenger V12

I have this bat and it rules

Slazenger v12 is the best in the world I try many bats all companies but I like most slazenger

Best bat in world its stroke is best

I have also
This is nice
And very lite in weight
This bat rock's
This bat is amazing

23 Gray Nicolls Powerbow 270

nice bat

It is a great bat very comfortable

My friend. Has one its beating

This is a bat that is strong, powerful and stylish... It feels good when you hit the ball its AWESOME ¡!

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24 Gray Nicolls Nitro Strikeforce

It is a very poor bat, if you try to hit the ball hard it may be broken into pieces

No, you are wrong gray nicolls is the best bat in world.

25 Gray Nicolls Legend

Amazing bat! Has an amazing sweet spot and it can make the ball fly for a four or even possibly a six even if you are strong enough! Can be used with strong powerful batsmen and also the weaker ones too. I own one of these, they are amazing! So #1

It is #1 not bloody 32

The best bat clearly it makes the others look like dog poo

Amazing bat, light pick up Best bat ever!

26 SS Super Power
27 Salix Torque
28 SG Boundary Extreme

Best in world

It's a awesome bat best bat I have played with good sound comes when you hit best bat but kahuna is also good it's heavy but

It's the best in the world.

Its really nice its basicaly modules the area of the ball

29 Grove Majestic

Amazing bat I am using it from last 2 years

Best bat I have ever used "outstanding"

30 Puma Calibre

Must be good is Brendon McCullum change from puma ballistic is amazing bat best of the pumas range

This is a awesome bat. Its stroke are really amazing

I need this bat free

The bat is cheap and good quality.

31 CA Plus 15000

Best ever bat I have seen

Ca plus is a good bat

I have been using for 4 years excellent balance and comfortable shots

Great bat for wonderful batting experience

32 Newbery B52 Bomber

It’s a bat everyone needs pure quality

A real bat for a real man.

33 Kookaburra Viper

Superb Bat. It is absolutely amazing. The edges are used but the bat is extremely light. It can be used by a hard hitter like Glenn Maxwell.


Great bat
Quite lite
Nice stroke
Great bat for practicing
Fab strike

34 Adidas Pellara Pro

It's a brilliant bat used by brilliant players such as colin ingram and kevin p

I got this bat amazing love it the best

In having that bat that is very good bat in put 50 in this

What a bat superb!

35 Gray Nicolls E41

Fantastic bat. I use it all the time, even if you don't hit the greatest part of the bat it will still go off like a rocket. Massive chunk of wood making large sweet spot and big edge! THE BEST OF THE BEST!

BEST BAT EVER! I've hit so many 4's with this awesome bat

Fantastic best bat I always hit a 6in this bat

Best bat in the world

36 GM Halo

I've got one and I can hit ever short ball to the rope ( I've got no strength )

It is real stylish bat

I love it when you hit it in the sweetspot

37 Gray Nicolls XXXVI
38 Hunts County Epic
39 GM Argon

I have a small one.but a powerful one

This is a great and powerful bat. It can hit really hard.

It is quite heavy but packs a punch

I vied a guy that hit 5 sixes and he had this bat BOOM BOOM!

40 Salix Wasp


Nice edge great ping

41 Gray Nicolls A61

Awesome Bat! Very powerful! 15 sixes 21 fours for me. 2 fours off a block! TRY this BAT!

Fully awesome bat good middle just all-round good good good

Nice bat, medium weight but big profile and feels good in hands.

I hate it max you can score is 13

42 Slazenger V200

Had an amazing V200 bat! Unfortunately, it started splitting from the handle joint after 2 seasons. It was the best bat I have owned and played with and I still have not been able to find one similar or close to it after searching for one for a while now...

It has a very good shape and stroke. I like to play with, it was a very good cricket bat and it deserves in top ten

I have hit 5fours in an over with it. It has a very power and balance. Thank you.

Best bat ever seen

43 Puma Platinum Black Edition

How is this not higher on the list? First time I picked one up I loved it. evenly weight and a huge middle. players profile as well

My first over, 6 2 4 6 6 4. Nothing but power, even one of my miss hits went one bounce 4

Should be top ten if not 1. Amazing middle and quality willow

Should be number one. It has a great weight and a HUGE middle

44 Mongoose ToRQ

This bat is awesome powerful smacker, iluv it

45 GM Apex

I have played with this bat and my personal opinion is that this bat is AWESOME!

Light bat very comfortable to use. I have used this bat for 3 years and can still hit boundaries. I love this bat and more pros should use it. This bat has a great sweet spot when it is hit and can smash every ball for four.

It has a strong power to hit a ball

It's really a very nice and a good shot making bat.

46 SS Ton Sunridge Orange

This is very good bat.I am going to coahing. Whole coaching loves my bat.

This a a good bat for practice

One of the best bats

Really good bat, not so sweet but light and perfect for openers ;]

47 SG Nexus Extreme

Its very good bat,

It is wonderful bat and has great stroke

This is best bat ever made by SG

She sucks vote for as josh

48 M&H Original
49 Slazenger V3

This bat is good to play short balls and to make a master stroke

I hit 4 sixes and Yuvraj Singh used this bat.

I heat six sixes and two four in two overs. I think it is the best bat in the world

I hit 4 sixes and 3 ffours in this bat and Yuvraj singh used this bat

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50 Kookaburra Menace

Huge sweet spot, great pick up, 2ib 8oz, with most bats that have a big swell in the middle, they are weak on shoulder and toe end but this bat is strong there as well, but if you hit it in the sweet spot, the ball will FLY!

Best bat should be number 1 surely

Very good bat in the world

Best bat in the world.

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