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181 SS Pollard

It is the best bat for an agressive player. Kieron Pollard uses this bat.

Kiren Pollard hits high, hits strong, hits far, hits over and blast the ball in to the air.

Kiron Pollard hits hard, hits high, hits far and it is very long with this bat

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182 SG VS-319 Plus

Brilliant bat ever! Awesome

It is the worst bat ever

183 GM Catalyst Striker
184 GM Sixer

It is easy to hit six

185 SS Cannon
186 GM Six 6
187 GM Octane
188 Blue Dog Sports Purebred

Hit 5 fours in a row using this bat. A massive middle. Should be number 1

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189 Krishna Theo Zoom

It is a god name in Hinduism but in bat version terrible just hopeless in everything but it good for zombie apocolipse

This bat is so poor! Do not buy. It has the! @#$n worst leveragage and, although heavy, it can't hit. Good for strong players

The willow is brown and horrible The willow is weak. At least the Iceick bat Ismash has value.

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190 MRF Wizard

This is a great English willow bat, it weighs 1 kg and easy to smash boundaries

191 SS Ton Limited Edition

Great bat. Extremely stylish. The handlebar looks great, the bat has a powerful look, and you will be lifting the ball for a Six throughout the whole over. Very good bat. But it is also pretty hard to find in sports shops though!

It's a premium English willow bat and has A++ grade grains on it. Not used by many players because it is hard to find.

192 Karson Global 2000

Awesome spot at the middle

Awesome bat I scored 108 of just 52 balls. My

193 Karson Global 5000 Limited Edition

I have one karson global 2000 and today I bought this new bat it is an awesome bat

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194 Kangaroo Elite

Very nice weighted bat solid performance

195 Puma Bionic
196 SF Hammer

Very light and has got a 47mm edge. it's just awesome!

197 Spartan SIH 2000

This a bat of my. I made it for me and I also design from by my hand. Please vote my bat and I also want to get top 10. thanks a lot.

198 New Spartan SIH 2000
199 Kookaburra Recoil

Very good bat. I like this bat

Great bat used by maxwell

Great bat looks so good

HARDIK is using this bat

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200 Woodworm Buzz V 1 Comment
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