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21 Nike Drive

Perfect for batsmen with straight bat technique bottom heavy amazing feel prefer it to opener model even though better willow. Amazing weapon of choice for me!

Very stylish and modern bat. It is very light weight bat and is capable of hitting dozens of sixes and fours

It is awesome bat I scored 389 runs in domestic cricket by this bat

I love Nike

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22 Slazenger V12

Slazenger v12 is the best in the world I try many bats all companies but I like most slazenger

Best bat in world its stroke is best

I have also
This is nice
And very lite in weight
This bat rock's
This bat is amazing

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23 Gray Nicolls Powerbow 270

It is a great bat very comfortable

This is a bat that is strong, powerful and stylish... It feels good when you hit the ball its AWESOME ยก!

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24 Gray Nicolls Nitro Strikeforce

It is a very poor bat, if you try to hit the ball hard it may be broken into pieces

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25 Gray Nicolls Legend

Amazing bat! Has an amazing sweet spot and it can make the ball fly for a four or even possibly a six even if you are strong enough! Can be used with strong powerful batsmen and also the weaker ones too. I own one of these, they are amazing! So #1

Mean bat, makes up for badly timed shots with quality of willow

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26 SG Boundary Extreme

It's a awesome bat best bat I have played with good sound comes when you hit best bat but kahuna is also good it's heavy but

It's the best in the world.

Its really nice its basicaly modules the area of the ball

It shall be in the top 10s it's the best bat I have ever uses

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27 Salix Torque
28 Grove Majestic

Amazing bat I am using it from last 2 years

Best bat I have ever used "outstanding"

29 SS Super Power
30 Puma Calibre

Must be good is Brendon McCullum change from puma ballistic is amazing bat best of the pumas range

This is a awesome bat. Its stroke are really amazing

The bat is cheap and good quality.

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31 Newbery B52 Bomber

A real bat for a real man.

32 CA Plus 15000

Ca plus is a good bat

I have been using for 4 years excellent balance and comfortable shots

Great bat for wonderful batting experience

Best bat I ever used massive edges great for playing on back foot.

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33 Kookaburra Viper

Superb Bat. It is absolutely amazing. The edges are used but the bat is extremely light. It can be used by a hard hitter like Glenn Maxwell.

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34 Adidas Pellara Pro

It's a brilliant bat used by brilliant players such as colin ingram and kevin p

I got this bat amazing love it the best

In having that bat that is very good bat in put 50 in this

What a bat superb!

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35 Gray Nicolls E41

Fantastic bat. I use it all the time, even if you don't hit the greatest part of the bat it will still go off like a rocket. Massive chunk of wood making large sweet spot and big edge! THE BEST OF THE BEST!

BEST BAT EVER! I've hit so many 4's with this awesome bat

Fantastic best bat I always hit a 6in this bat

Its simply the best

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36 GM Halo

I've got one and I can hit ever short ball to the rope ( I've got no strength )

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37 Gray Nicolls XXXVI
38 Hunts County Epic
39 Salix Wasp


Nice edge great ping

40 GM Argon

This is a great and powerful bat. It can hit really hard.

It is quite heavy but packs a punch

I vied a guy that hit 5 sixes and he had this bat BOOM BOOM!

Best bat should be #1

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