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61 SS Turbo Grand Prix

Had one 24 years. Scored loads of runs, huge and powerful middle

I agree. Rare now but pure quality

62 SG Phoenix Extreme

Great bat for youngsters in general. Not too light. Great for playing shots.

A very good bat, but first you have to remove stroke.

Best bat in the world. I hit a 382 with it in my tournament

Best bat for youngsters

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63 Woodworm Alpha

An ok bat, but not the most powerful thing in the world!

64 RNS Larsons

It is a bat with power and quality. Ihit 4 4s in an over.

I have this bat and this is a bat which reaches the ball to boundary or out of stadium.

This bat was powerful short go

Awesome... tremendous bats

65 Mongoose Pro

Can't believe this is so far down

66 SS Ranger

Best bat in india

What a nice bat

67 Reebok Icon
68 BDM Sixes

Very good bat in low price...

Very nice quality for the price.

Great value for money.

69 SG VS 319 Xtreme

Made from the highest quality English Willow
Thick edges and curved blade for powerful performance
The handle is made from premium, imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control
New multi colour Player grip for a superior sense of control
Toe protector for better durability and maintaining the moisture level
Comes with a full length padded bat cover with adjustable strap
Available in size SH
Price 3999

Well executed good in hitting fours wow!
I have this when I take this in my club every one see my bat and says wow!

Well executed, made from finest wood, handles are easy to grip, sign of virendre sehwag, thick edges, very good stroke, good looking

What a good bat

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70 Gray Nicolls Oblivion 5 Star
71 Kookaburra Crazy Beast

It is a crazy bat very sweet spot on middle

72 Kookaburra Bubble II 1000

Kookaburra bubble 2 1000 is a really nice and comfortable bat it has a big edge and a large sweet spot I am surprised why people don't buy this bat often. The reason why I also like this bat is because I have the kookaburra bubble 2 players 1890 which is obviously by far better than the kookaburra bubble 2 1000

A really solid bat! Great for people who like the front foot! Neat looking and Just suits my style of play perfectly!

Nice bat light pick up and large sweet spot.

I have a kookaburra bubble 2 pro players also used by Moises Henriques and it is very much good than kookaburra bubble 2 pro players 1000

73 SS 281 Test Pro

Very nice bat against leather

I used this bat for 5years and it now it is also used by me.

I have this bat. Very nice bat. Good stroke.

74 SG VS 319 Spark

Lovely bat for intermediate cricketers who like to hit big. Good and powerful surface. Best part is that It isn't heavy... Well done sg

It is the best bat I have ever used in my life. It is even used by Vireneder Sehwag whi is known as the Nawab of Najafgarh and even VIv Richards of this era by columnists

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75 MRF Cameo

Its sure as a great middle, won't cost you the earth either. Shop online for great deals.

76 Adidas Master Blaster Elite

Very good sweet spot and very light

Wonderful bat light weight

77 Gray Nicolls Carbo Nitro

Worlds best bat in the world.

78 Kookaburra Kahuna 900
79 GM Octane F2

This is the best bat I've ever seen in my life,
Extended driving power and toetek make is the best bat that's ever made.

Very stylish bats and in cricket ground octane rules

Best bat I have seen. You won't believe this. It will make you octane.

It have to be no cricket bat in world

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80 Reebok Legend V 1 Comment
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