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101 SF Slogger

I have sf slogger bat and its ver nice
It is with me sice 5 years and yet new just touch the ball with any sf bat it will get blasted off its auto compression knocked in hand handcrafted it should be number one bat in the world the bat is awesome must try sf bats it is used by many good players also you can see it on W. Stanford. In

102 Ihsan X4

Shakib Al Hasan also use it sometimes

It is a good bat I used it. It is also used by king Misbah and Azhar

I have the Ihsan Smash. It is amazing for tennis ball blay light and stron. Go IHSAN!

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103 Puma Cobalt

Its such a cool, lightweight and has a big 3cm edge.
This english willow bat is a great bat. Love it!

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104 CA
105 DP Vector 500

It is 10 times lighter than a dp limetd edition and has equal power to a kahuna like ab very nice bat this bat is meant for go big or go home

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106 SG Max Cover

I use this bat and hit Raining sixes in mumbai.And it is light weight and big edges bat

Oh its kashmir willow but it is a very good bat but it should be in no14

All bats are good they have to be knocked

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107 Gray Nicolls X181

It's light for a big bat and it is one of the best bats

108 SS Supersixes

Awesome bat and nice bat

109 GM Zona F2 DXM 909

Best bat I have ever seen, and some people say that it's better then Kookaburra Kahuna.

110 SS Sangakkara

Kumar sangakkara one of the idiot batsman use it

Not a good bat.

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111 MRF Virat Genius

Sick bat you must get it I'm 12 and I got 76 not out

Good bat light weight and good wood

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112 Gray Nicolls Powerbow

Has a light back light and sweet spot

A great bat made from english willow

A great bat has a big sweat spot

113 Gray Nicolls Matrix 1000

I have used many bats but either this or the Gray Nicolls Gladius would have to be up there with the best of all time

114 Spartan
115 New Balance V 1 Comment
116 GM DXM Octane

It has nice power

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117 Dexter

One of the best bats I've ever used

118 Hammer Vapen Core

How cool, I made the top 100

This is an awesome cricket bat that's kicks but... It really likes the white cricket ball a lot... Check

119 SS Limited Edition

It is the best.
It is used by thisara perera who hits many sixes

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120 Salix Wasp Stinger

Superb quality custom made cricket bat, most stroke full bat in the world!

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