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141 BDM Sting

It is so lightweight and made with best willow dark brown wood which strikes the ball like bullet its speciality is as it gets older better its strokes

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142 Salix Pod
143 Slazenger V23

Got one from Michael Clarkes bat supplier as a demo, it's great well balanced, great pick up and pretty rare from what I can see.

Its a very very very great bat you have ever seen buy this bat it is better than kookabura kahuna

144 MB Malik Sher Amin
145 Slazenger V100 Viv Richards

Greta bat with controled edges and sweet spot. I don't like bats which loft every ball, its too risky! This bat is perfect for all purpose!

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146 SM Pintu

It have brilliant strokes. This bat has the capacity to hit each and every ball out of the boundary

It is a very light weighted bat. And we can play very big strokes with this bat. only time well and hit the ball outside the boundary..

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147 SG RSD Plus

The best bat ever played with Sg rsd plus

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148 GM Maestro F2 DXM

Great bat, low middle. Great for power hitting!

Great bat, got some power!

149 GM Max-E

It's one worlds best bat

150 Hans
151 Grey Nicolls Power Bow

Great bat hitting too many sixes with this

Its so lighter to a perfect drive

152 Callen Cricket 424

Just made for suck

Good shaping and ping

153 Kookaburra Ice

Nice bat and used by Mike Hussey

154 SS Ton Slasher
155 SS Legend

Its awesome and I have the only one!

156 Slazenger V600
157 Gray Nicolls Vortex 5 Star

It's a superor bat of 2014. It has unique edges and is light weighted. It has abundance of power and is balanced perfectly. You MUST go for it.

158 GM Purist F2

It is crazy amazing why it's not on the list I don't know

Great Bat. Easy to hit sixes off.

159 Spartan MSD 7
160 County Ultimate

I have always used a county because there good bats that feel nice to hit personally I think that these bats a better than a kahuna

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